Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love List

In honor of Valentine's Day - that is fast approaching - I decided to do up a "Love List" today. I saw this over at My Little Gems at the beginning of the month & I was just saving it to do here at some point. Her list started with "S" since that is the first letter in her name. I'm going to go with "L" for obvious reasons (I hope!).

1. Lists - I love making lists. I keep a notebook full of my "to do" lists. They keep me on task.

2. Lazy days - Ahhh, yes. Those days when all you need to do is sleep or read a book or just do nothing. I really enjoy lazy days.

3. Leaves - Fall leaves to be exact. I love the colors of fall - the red, gold, orange. They are so very, very pretty.

4. Listening - I love to listen to my children playing, talking. I love to listen to friends.

5. Lackadaisical - I just like the word. Weird I know. It's real meaning: "Lacking spirit, liveliness, or interest; languid."

6. Liberty - I love that I live in a land full of liberty and freedom.

7. Lilac - I love the smell of lilacs. And they are purple - my favorite color. There was a large bush that grew outside my parents house while we were growing up. My mom didn't like the smell and was allergic to them. I always thought that a bit odd. I used to play in the tree.

8. Learning - I love to learn. I love to teach my boys. I love to learn new things.

9. Lag - The word my initials made before I was married.

10. Lab - The word my initials now spell. When my hubby figured this out before we married he barked at me.

And I realized that there aren't at ton of "l" words that I really tell about things I love. This was harder than I thought, but the last word...of

11. Love - I love my hubby & my boys. I love them a lot.


  1. Wonderful "L" List, now I'm going to have to be creative and not use the same ones as you on my L list in a couple weeks! :)

  2. What a great idea! Love your list! You are always so creative on your blog! Guess I need to take a few lessons! :)

  3. Great list and fun post!

  4. Very very lovely!

    You are so good with your posts! Keep up the enthusiasm! You keep me inspired!

    Love ya, Christa


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