Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Now What?

Last week I read an article in our local paper about how the courier system used by the libraries in our state bailed. What does this mean? Basically, if you request a book via inter library loan, there may not be a way for you to get it. Some librarians are actually driving books themselves in their own vehicles.

At the time I dismissed it. I never though it would affect me. Until today.

You see, I use a program in our state called Books By Mail. This service allows me to request books from various libraries throughout the state (including the Maine State Outreach Library that runs the program) since I live in a town without a library. It also works for those who live in a town in Maine that has a library open less than 10 hours a week. I rely on this program heavily for our school year and have since we moved here. BBM pays postage to mail the books to me & then I return them on my own dime (or ask my sister to drop them off in person). I save hundreds of dollars this way by not having to buy books.

In the next town over there is a small library & the librarian is fabulous. She even took my e-mail address so she can keep me updated on events she thinks we might like. She even ordered the book Inkheart when she realized they had the second book but not the first - just so B could read it. She's great. I paid a whopping 10 cents to join. ::grin:: Then there is another library another town over that I can use for free, but they have (what I call) "Nazi librarians." Don't ask. Needless to say, I only go in under duress. I don't like the library & I don't find them helpful there.

All this to say, due to the lack of a courier service I just found out I can no longer order library books!!!! I'm not sure what I'm going to do at this point. Did I mention recently how much I like to read?? How much my boys like to read?? Oh, and the fact that they are participating in the BBM's Summer Reading Program???

I'm hoping this issue is resolved before the end of the school year. Otherwise I'll be driving to the Bangor Public Library every couple of months. It's a large city library that allows any Maine state resident a free library card. The almost 2 hour drive one way to get there may just be worth it.


  1. Ha ha ha -- Nazi Librarians -- what a hoot! Hey, does this mean I can't do it anymore either?

  2. Oh, Lisa, what a bummer! We use our library so much as well.

  3. that's horrible! We have a big library here, but there are not a lot of books on the shelves (though I will say they have a GREAT Christian Fiction collection). They do a lot of inter-library it appears that most of the books that SHOULD be on our shelves are out at other libraries. I have always been blessed to have access to a library...but this has been the worst one thus far. Oh well. They've gotten almost $50 out of me (for late fees, I am NOTORIOUSLY late on book returns.), perhaps they'll start accomodating me.

  4. UGH - I feel your pain. We had a great system in Alaska too.


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