Monday, February 23, 2009

Snow and more snow and more snow and...

The groundhog saw his shadow earlier in the month. We're only suppose to have another six weeks of winter. It seems that winter at this point has long overstayed its welcome. This is when I start going a bit stir-crazy. This is when I really wish it was warm & spring-like. This is when two plus feet of snow can really, really annoy me. Really.

This morning we woke up to this....

My hubby is six feet tall. The snow is up to his knees. HIS KNEES! ::sigh:: I knew what this meant of course. Shoveling and lots of it. On the bright side, I know what I'll be doing for exercise today.

Once we were finished with school work we all headed outside to start the cleanup. I will say that we only have to clean up our yard area. We have to shovel a path to the back door and where the trash cans are kept, a path to the shed, a path connecting our place up to the driveway by Great-Grandpa's house, and where we park our vehicles. Other than that, my FIL plows out everything else. He also came over with his tractor today & scrapped out all the snow where the truck is usually parked so I didn't have to shovel that either.

I also delegated today. There was no way I was having all this "fun" by myself.

This was J's job....

He took it very seriously. The funny part here...the car is parked UNDER COVER! The snow blew so much that the whole car was just covered. It had at least 4-5 inches of snow on it. Yes, it could have been worse since the truck had over two feet on it. J did an excellent job clearning it all off.

This was N's job...

This child is such a hard worker. I'm really blessed by his work ethic. He actually looks forward to shoveling. He shovels the path between our house & Great-Grandpa's driveway. He goes through the snowbank that is now much taller than he is. It took him about 45 minutes to do this, but he did it. All by himself with no complaining & his little orange kid-size shovel.

J's other job...looking cute for a snow photo.

He jumped in to the snowbank. He's sitting down in all the new snow we just got.

Then we come to one of my jobs today....


I had made it this far. It took me about 45 minutes to get to this point. Then all the snow that had been on the roof has fallen off in front of the back steps. For safety reasons we keep this shoveled out in the winter time. I had to take a photo to show you the before & after.

After...and I still wasn't done.

Ben did shovel the path to the shed. He usually also shovels the path to the back steps as well but I took pity on him today due to the amount of snow needing to be moved so I did it for him.

And, yes, snow can be pretty...

But at this point I'm so ready for it to be gone. Especially when the banks are this high...


  1. I feel for you! That is a lot of snow! Holy cow! May spring come soon for you.

  2. Oh my gosh, you guys are buried in it! That's going to be a lot of water when it melts.

    My husband is originally from New Hampshire, and he says he misses the snow. I don't think he remembers what a pain it is to shovel it all day after day.

  3. Wow - snow, snow snow.....darling photo of J....

  4. OH MY! That is a LOT of snow!


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