Monday, February 16, 2009

Snow Tubing

Sometimes it's nice to have a few connections. ;-) My hubby is a civil engineer who works for a small survey/engineering company. He's been there now for about five years. They do a lot of subdivisions & in our part of the state - a lot of those are near ski resorts - big & small. One that he has been working with lately offered to let us come to the mountain & go snow tubing (since none of us ski - I know - we live in Maine & we don't ski - have you ever checked the prices for that little sport? Enough said....LOL)

It just so happened that hubby had President's Day off so we headed two hours west of where we live to go snow tubing. Nuts I know but they were free tickets & snow tubing isn't exactly inexpensive either!

Our boys were beyond thrilled. Me, well, let's just say I was glad for the excuse to take photos, but I'll explain that more in a bit.

J is standing in line for his first run. He was so very excited! He would giggle every single time he jumped in to his tube to be pulled up the mountain. The guy hooking up the tubes would just start laughing every time J came through. It was just so funny.

Here's hubby making his way up. Good thing the boys have such a fun & interactive dad!

J is in the first tube & hubby (I think) is waving at me. The next couple of tubes should be the rest of the boys. I liked this part of was the next part that didn't thrill me all that much.

J at the finish. "Mom, I spun & spun & spunned all around! It was fun." (direct quote) This is my thrill seeking one I think - but they all had a great time! As for the spinning - apparently near the end of the day, J stood up in the tube as it was going down the hill & leaned over to push at the ground to get the spinning thing going. The kid at the top who would tell us when we could go laughed & said something about a crazy kid or something like that. Hubby was going next & said something like, "Yup, and it's a good thing his mother can't see him." THAT was an huge understatement! I was extremely happy we rented the two younger boys helmets!

Hubby was being helpful here. You see - my first run down the mountain (and almost my last run down the mountain) I sat in the tube & pushed off. Have I ever mentioned I'm short. I'm only 5'2" (although I try to claim 5'3" when I can). When I sat in that tube my feet could not touch the ground at all. My arms could just touch but were of no use. I did the whole "spun, spun, spun" thing down the mountain. Most of it I was going backwards!!!! Oh & did I mention that the top speed of this run had to have been at least 20-25mph. Seriously. I was convinced I was going to crash. I couldn't see where I was going. Oh & at the end of the run there is a hill to stop you. Unless you are going really fast. Then you go over it - like a jump. Yeah, I did that too. I got off (which is NOT pretty btw - you have to sort of roll out & climb up with all your layers on), looked at my hubby & said, "I'm done." It's over. Not going again & you aren't going to make me. DONE!

Then I saw these faces....
This is N being pulled up for his who knows what number run. This child was way ahead of the rest of us most of the day.
And this face too...
I'm always surprised when B likes this sort of thing. He loves roller coasters too. Go figure.
So I went up three more times. That was enough for me. Here's my feet to prove I was there at least. And the last three runs I made I did on my stomach which hubby tried first to tell me how it worked. I used my feet like rudders. It worked a bit better.

And my boys (ALL of them) had a great time and that's what counts. A memory was made. Fun was had. It's all good.


  1. So fun! I'm jealous! I would come back to Maine for that kinda fun! :) I'm happy you were able to get out and enjoy some family time. Which mountain did you go to?

  2. Oh my you're braver than me. I watch my kids ride the snow tubes but didn't do it myself!

    Skiing and tubing sure is expensive. I almost wish I hadn't introduced my kids to these things but I have become a bargain hunter to find deals. Having the lessons through a school program (homeschool groups welcome) made it a lot more affordable. I don't know if you have that option in your area.

  3. That looks like so much fun!

  4. That's way cool. How fun that there is a tow rope to take them back up!


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