Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Winter Fun

Winter is still going strong here in the northeast corner of the old US of A. But today. Oh today there was a wonderful hint of spring in the air. I was out & about running errands & taking sick children to the doctor wearing only a t-shirt & sweater. No jacket! It was glorious! I even had the boys out with me later running a one last errand I had to do today & they just had on sweatshirts. I love this time of year but I hate this time of year as well. Because we will be getting colder weather tomorrow and the "s" word....SNOW!

But for today. Today we enjoyed it. My middle boy & his cousin (who is only 10 months younger than he is) made this today.....

This is "Frosty" or at least that is what I am calling him. Or perhaps I should only say "F" here on the blog. ;-) When I saw them out there working diligently to put Frosty together I grabbed our "snowman making kit" and my camera & went to snap some photos.

My nephew has been staying the week with us (last week too & maybe next week) while my mom is in the hospital. My sister (his mom) is an ER nurse & fantastic with dealing with the medical community & understanding what needs to be done. She's holding down the fort there & I'm wrangling an extra boy. Life is busy.

Here are the proud artists...before my son succombed to a "hurt tummy" tonight. His older brother has strep throat & is feeling poorly (at least until the antibiotics kick in which I really hope they do SOON). He's now sleeping so I pray that's all he needs. A good night sleep on the couch.

Winter is slowly making its exit from this part of the world. But until it's completely gone, spring will continue to tease us with its coming.


  1. Love the Frosty! I do miss making the snowmen... We loved doing that as a family. Hope the kids feel better soon. :)

  2. I LOVE snowmen. I do not love to make them. ::snort:: Good job, kids. Frosty looks great. My house would be jealous.

  3. I see you guys took advantage of the warm up too!

    Great Snowman!!


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