Monday, April 20, 2009

My Daybook

FOR TODAY (April 20, 2009)...

Outside my's now dark. It was a beautiful spring day in Maine. It was bright & sunny with a slight breeze. I love days like this & it's a nice reminder that winter is done and the renewal has begun.

I am thinking...I had a good day today. I left the computer off for most of it. I went outside & played catch with the boys. I tried giving N some pointers on his throwing and catching for baseball. I even raked up some of last years leaves a bit. Still a lot more to go though.

I am thankful good health, wonderful children, great friends. Life.

From the learning rooms...too many morning errands and a little one who needed a nap this afternoon. No formal learning done today. Tomorrow we'll continue on. I'd like to find some fun Earth day things to do. We have some fun field trips planned this week as well.

From the kitchen...supper was yummy (BBQ chicken drumsticks, corn, & couscous). I need to make some muffins for hubby's breakfasts though.

I am wearing...comfy jeans, fuzzy/funky socks, tank top & one of my mom's old sweatshirts.

I am creating...ABC/123/color books for the two little ones I watch. I picked up all the supplies this weekend at Michael's from their dollar section. I'll share when I'm done. 

I am keep investing more time in my family rather than the computer world. I'm enjoying seeing where God keeps pushing me to be. Really.

I am reading...I just finished The Chronicles of Gresham (book #3). You can read the review HERE. I enjoyed them enough that I will be looking for more from that same author. Now I'm starting on the large stack of Iris Johansen books I received from the library a week or two ago. First up is The Ugly Duckling

I am hoping...I continue to make positive changes in my life.

I am hearing...nothing but the hum of the computer. The boys are in bed sleeping. Hubby is packing for his night away from home. The TV is off. Even the dog is sleeping beside me. I love this time of night.

Around the house...trying to get the outside cleaned up (raking leaves, getting my flower garden ready for the new growth - I saw green there today!!).

One of my favorite things...giggles of my children.

A few plans for the rest of the week: This is "school" vacation week for most around here. My boys will still be doing regular school (since we've already taken off a lot of time this year), but we have a lot of fun stuff planned. My sister is hoping to come visit tomorrow. Wednesday we have our regular MOPS day & Bible study in the evening. Thursday we'll be heading to the LC Bates Museum to check out a REAL T-Rex skull (the boys don't know this yet) plus they are doing a program on owls that looks to be fun. Friday the two older boys will be participating in TeenPact. This will be B's second year & N's first. They do a one day program for 8-12 year olds and hubby is taking them this year so Miss L & J & I get to stay home & have fun. 

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Baseball has started up & N is the only one playing this year at least until the church softball league starts & then hubby plays in that. N loves playing catcher. I caught this photo at last week's practice. 

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  1. Sweet he is the catcher this year! :) Hunter plays a few different positions. :) We are about half way thru now. Hope you have a fun week!

  2. I enjoy reading the Daybook entries.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your preschool project, as always. The pictures of the children working them are my fav; they are adorable.

    It's nice that you can wear your mom's sweat shirts, how comforting.

  4. I am also learning alot about the computer/tv and finding where I am robbed of some pretty precious time because of it...

  5. I'm so far behind on blog reading. I just had a wander through your post since the last time I checked but only left a couple comments. Fun catching up. I like the daybook entries.


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