Friday, May 8, 2009

Turning Two

Miss L turned two on Monday. We celebrated on Tuesday though. Before her nap I made up some cupcakes & while she was sleeping I frosted them. She was really funny when she woke up. She spied them almost immediately & just sort of started chanting "cake! cake!" 

After we sang "Happy Birthday," I gave her one & she did not hesitate to dive in...face first. She had a blast eating this. 
LOVED the frosting....

So much she had to lick her fingers clean.

Then we gave her the gifts we had picked out. I just wrapped them in tissue paper (no tape) & put them in a shoebox. Nice & easy to open but she had a great time figuring out how to get the tissue paper away.

We got her a chunky car.

A "choo-choo" - she is here all week with train loving boys. 
It was bound to happen right?

And the last thing was probably the coolest thing I've ever seen. Look in her hand near the paper. It's a crayon! It's from Crayola & it has all these little crayon points off of one holder. It's perfect for toddlers & it was less than $3! 


  1. If we had been there Kensli would have been chanting cake right along with her!!! What a beautiful little girl with gorgeous blue eyes!!!

  2. Ah, Happy birthday Miss L! That cake look goooood. She has the cutest clothes. Where does her mom shop? I'd like to get a top like that for my daughter.

  3. She looks like a professional cupcake eater! :) The crayon is neat, although I think Carys is beyond this now. At 3, she's pretty good at holding a regular-sized pencil, etc.


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