Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Starting Something New

Today while I was reading my blogs, I came across an interesting idea over at "Oh, Shoot the Monkey." (Isn't that a great blog title?!?!!!) Stephanie has started a new blog just for her homeschool plans. This is a place where she will post what they are doing each day - her blog log. (sorry, I couldn't resist....)

So this afternoon I spent some time playing around with blog templates and trying to get my ideas up on the screen. There isn't much there yet & I know it will continue to expand, but it's certainly fun so far.

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  1. What a neat idea! Thanks for sharing. I love to peak into others home schools because I always benefit from new ideas. I just joined a huge HS group on Facebook( mostly just informational posts). Last week the question was concerning government curriculum. A lot of people responded with what they use, and I discovered a few new books that I had not heard of before - a gold mine of information!

    Anyway, I may join you with a blog log. :)


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