Monday, August 24, 2009

My Daybook

FOR TODAY (August 24, 2009)...

Outside my's a cloudy day & not quite so hot - thankfully. It's been raining off & on most of the day. It's not humid today either which makes me pretty happy.

I am thinking...that this summer went by far too fast. The first 40+ days we had a lot of rain & it made it seem like summer wasn't really here. I know - I'm mental. Now that it's hot & humid, my mind isn't thinking "school" but more like "ugh! it's too hot & humid!"

I am thankful wonderful husband who has spent most of the summer building "stuff" for our chickens - that he didn't want. The chicken tractor is now too small for our six chicks. We have six more coming so now we are (and yes, I'm helping!) converting part of the old barn to a more permanent space.

From the learning rooms...nothing today but working on lesson plans and organizing. Our official start will be the 31st.

From the kitchen...nothing today.

I am wearing...old jeans cut off to capris, layering tank, t-shirt, bare feet.

I am creating...lesson plans, organizing books and more books.

I am try to get my act together this week. I need to do a lot of organizing and decluttering. I'm really not looking forward to it but it must be done.

I am reading...books for the blog tour I'll be posting about this week. They are quick & fun reads.

I am change my step at a time. Getting back in to exercise. Going to start eating better. I want to loose this extra weight & get healthy. I'm looking forward to starting our nutrition book this week. It's one I'm reviewing for the TOS Homeschool Crew & it looks excellent.

I am hearing...the fan whirring behind me & Mr H playing on the floor. He just had a power nap in the exercersaucer. Now he's busily chewing on the blanket. Miss H is still napping & all the boys are outside playing. It's rather nice & quiet right now.

Around the, organizing, decluttering, and chicken coop building.

One of my favorite cones! Yum!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Not a lot. Mr & Miss H are here now that public school has started. Our daily routine will need to start accommodating nap times & feeding times added to our school day. School plans will continue. We'll be enjoying this last week of free schedules.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

The girls chasing grapes - one of their favorite treats. They are getting big, but are still not full grown. Yes, these are Barred Rock chickens. Their crown & the area around their eyes will turn a nice bright red once they are fully grown.

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  1. I enjoyed stopping by for a visit! Thanks for sharing a peek into your daily life on the farm!


  2. Bummer you've outgrown the chicken thing after using it for only a short time.


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