Monday, September 14, 2009

My Daybook

FOR TODAY (September 14, 2009)...

Outside my window...the sun keeps peaking through some clouds, but it is a gorgeous fall-like day. Only one more week until we can officially call it fall.

I am thinking...I need to figure out a schedule & get my life figured out sooner rather than later. Time is sleeping by too fast & I am still just limping along.

I am thankful hubby who has given up many weekends this summer to work on chicken "stuff." Their permanent coop is just about done. The weekend was spent making their new & improved and big outside run. This weekend will be spent on finishing up their inside coop.

From the learning rooms...I have found that jotting down what I want to do on a large index card each night seems to be working out okay for now. I'm still trying to figure out how to add in all the cool TOS Crew products to our day. Deadlines for some are fast approaching!

From the kitchen...nothing today but I will be starting to make my own bread again and baking more. It all tastes better and is better for us. Amazingly enough I did make English muffin pizzas for lunch and all but the baby & B ate them and declared them yummy!

I am wearing...shorts (all my pants are dirty or in the clean laundry - need to get that put away soon), long sleeve shirt and socks. Yes, an odd combo I agree.

I am creating...the outline of my lesson for the photography class I'll be teaching on Friday. I agreed to teach some homeschooled children (ages 10 & up) over the course of the year - once a month. It should definitely be interesting.

I am figure out how to work this schedule so that I don't feel like I'm always running behind.

I am reading...I just finished a really nice book that I'll be reviewing for the TOS Homeschool Crew soon. Not sure what's next on my list.

I am's a broken record here today - schedules - I need to figure out my schedules and I'm hoping it comes together soon.

I am hearing...the hum of the computer, the whir of the fan, and the tumbling of the dryer. Three of the five children are sleeping, one is playing outside, and one is playing in his room. I love this time of day. J is going through a growth spurt of sorts and is extra tired and cranky lately which means he's getting naps again.

Around the house...lots of laundry to be done, need to put the final touches on the chicken run, clutter galore needs to be tamed plus the usual things.

One of my favorite things...homemade bread, crisp fall days, apple pie, the list goes on.

A few plans for the rest of the week: soccer practice for N, AWANA for all on Thursday, Bible study moved to Friday nights and possibly heading north this Saturday. Donn Fendler will be meeting and greeting folks. We'll also be heading to Homeschool Park Day tomorrow and sporting our new homeschool T-shirts. They may say something about being unsocialized homeschoolers or something like that...I promise photos tomorrow.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
sorry - no photo - no batteries for my camera and the rechargeable ones are still recharging.

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  1. We've been trying to get into a more effective routine as well though it probably won't happen here until after I get back from Europe.

  2. I too have been tweaking my schedule trying to ind a more efficient plan.


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