Monday, October 19, 2009

Review: Sarah Books (Sarah's Wish)


From the first e-mail I received from author Jim Baumgardner to let me know that his book, Sarah's Wish, was on its way for review by The TOS Homeschool Crew, I was hooked. I figured if his writing in the book was anything like his e-mails (it was!) it would be a fun read (it was again!). Sarah Books is the web home of three books. I reviewed the first one called Sarah's Wish.


The main character is, of course, Sarah, a twelve-year-old little girl who tragically looses her mother early in the story. Her mother was a "conductor" for the Underground Railroad and the remainder of the book focuses on how Sarah helps the two "packages" who were at their "station" move towards freedom.

The book is full of fun characters and it certainly kept my attention and the boys as well. Here are some things I really loved:
  • All the Crew members received an autographed copy of the book (I'm sure Mr. Baumgardner had a severe case of writer's cramp when he was done with that little project!)
  • The book came with a free audio download of the book read by a wonderful lady. Instructions were included right in the book. I love audio books.
  • Mr. Baumgardner is the grandfather of nine homeschooled grandchildren. He writes the books for his grandchildren. They are definitely family friendly.
There are currently three books in the series. The books retail for different prices, but they all get longer as they go. Prices from the author's website are as follows:
  1. Sarah's Wish (126 pages) - $9.99
  2. Sarah's Promise (245 pages) - $13.50
  3. Sarah's Escape (304 pages) - $17.50
  4. Sarah's Wish audio book (4 CD's) - $16.99
  5. Sarah's Promise audio book (5 CD's) - $18.99
You can also order all three print books for $39.95 or both audio books for $34.95.

And the best part...Mr. Baumgardner offers free shipping and he will autograph any of the books/CD's you purchase from him. I just find all that very cool.

Mr. Baumgardner had this to say about his books in the first e-mail he sent out to The TOS Crew -

"The books have been referred to as Christian fiction. I prefer to describe them as Young Adult fiction written by a Christian author. Sarah’s faith is important to her and she lives by it, but the books do not try to convert the reader to anything. The stories do teach Christian principals of living a good life and treating others as you would have them treat you. I do not ignore the evil in the world and Sarah must confront it at times just as we all do."

I think he does a great job doing just that. Sarah lives in a far different world than we do & must do things that most children today would never have to do. Mr. Baumgardner does a really great job adding in historical details as well. These would be wonderful books to add to a study about slavery & the Underground Railroad.

Click HERE to read excerpts of all the books (just scroll down).

I highly recommend the books. Mr. Baumgardner puts out a monthly newsletter that is lots of fun as well. If you click HERE to see the homeschool page, the instructions on how to sign up are right above the first photo.

*Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. All opinions shared are my own. TOS Crew Members are given the product free of charge in order to review it.

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