Tuesday, December 29, 2009


My oldest son, B13, has been asking to go to Build-A-Bear now for at least two years.  At the end of last year I won a $10 gift card there & had thought about taking the boys. Then my mom became really ill so I used it to buy her a bunny - complete with scrubs - since she was spending so much time in the hospital.

It was a lot of fun to make and I knew my boys would have a great time. But I have three boys & while the stuffies there aren't super expensive anything times three adds up fast.

Since then my MIL has been talking about taking the boys. So today, on one of the coldest days of December, we drove 1.5 hours north to the "big city" & spent 30 minutes in the mall so all the boys could create their own stuffed animal. Then drove 1.5 hours south home. It was worth it.

I couldn't title the post Build-A-Bear since only my MIL made a stuffed bear for her other grandson. My three boys made dogs & an owl. ;-) And my wonderful MIL not only bought all the boys their Build-A-Stuffie but she paid for gas for my truck and treats at Dunkin' Donuts on the way home. Have I ever mentioned how great a MIL I have? Seriously, she really is the best.

It was a lot of fun watching each boy pick out which one they wanted and then having it stuffed. N8 went first and had picked out a regular looking dog that he planned to name "Doug."

He had a super big wish when he had the heart put in. The girls that work at this store are really great with the kids. Then it was J5's turn. He picked a patriotic dog he planned to name "Odie." What can I say - they boys have been watching a lot of the Garfield Show lately.

And even B13 had a great time with this. He picked out the coolest looking owl - it's head even turns all the way around. So neat!

Not only did my MIL plan for the boys to buy the stuffies, but she also let them outfit them with accessories! Here is a photo of N8 dressing up his dog.

I love the little dressing stations & all the other little things they have here for the kids to really enjoy their time in the store.

N8 chose a Nascar outfit. We don't actually watch Nascar but N8 loves all things racing, cars, Monster Jam is a favorite. He just loves engines I think. He takes after his Uncle Richard. I love the cool shades he picked out as well.

J5 made his dog a football dog - complete with football! At the last minute he chose some sneakers too. You can see them in this photo below once we got home. He & N8 spent a while on the couch just cuddling up to their doggies.

And B13, in my opinion & since my kids don't read this I can feel free to say this, had the coolest looking one of all three...

Meet "General Owl." He almost went with a Star Wars Storm Trooper outfit but I was thrilled to see him pick this. It just is far too adorable! One of the clerks actually used the plastic tagger (that they use for the price tags) to put the hat on for us since the owl doesn't have any ears to hold it on with the elastics. B13 also has the birth certificate for his owl. Every boy had one of these done up.

Overall it was a long afternoon but well worth the drive. Thanks again, Mom!


  1. Love them all, but like you, General Owl is my favorite (maybe it's the milspouse in me, lol). And MMMMMMM....Dunkin' Donuts...I need a Jelly donut, please!

  2. Love the ones they picked. Hunter would be jealous of the star wars outfit. He wants to get a star wars one for himself. My kids love that place, and like you said its not expensive really...but 3 of anything gets tuff! We could easily drop 60-80 there without trying.

  3. Great idea. I can see they really enjoyed their selections.


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