Monday, December 28, 2009

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FOR TODAY... Monday, December 28, 2009

Outside my window... it's dark and the snow is falling. The prediction is for 4-8 inches. It started snowing around 4pm so who knows where we'll end up on that scale. 

I am gets dark far too early but at least we're past the winter solstice - the days are very slowly getting longer.

I am thankful for...wonderful family - most especially my in-laws who have always accepted me as one of their own.

From the learning rooms...still on break. I'm working on trying to figure out what to do beginning with the new year.

From the kitchen...taking a much needed break. Regular meals notwithstanding of course. Although B13 started a batch of chocolate chip cookies today & became frustrated that they were "too sticky" so I had to finish them. They are off somehow but I think he wasn't cooking them long enough.

I am winter crocs of course with colorful socks, jeans, layering camisole, t-shirt, and my new "warm winter wishes" sweatshirt that is big & comfy.

I am remembering...Christmas past at home. One of our traditions was to open our stockings early. Then my Dad would need his breakfast - typically a piece of mincemeat pie. Then we would begin opening gifts. Usually my Dad would hand them out one at a time. Each person would open one gift. We would tell my Mom who it was from & then show it off once opened. My Mom would present us each with a list of who gave us what at the end of the opening and all "thank-you" notes were written within a couple of days. Since there were seven of us opening gifts it wasn't unheard of to have it take most of the day. It is one of my fondest memories of growing up.

I am creating...plans for the new year. Thinking about what my new focus word will be. This past year it was "family." I'm considering either "peace" or "health" or something along those lines...

I am enjoy this last week of 2009. School plans need to be put in to place, deep cleaning in my room needs to occur (::shudder::), and, of course, Christmas needs to be packed away until next year.

I am currently reading...a series by Debbie Macomber that revolves around a knitting store. I blew through the first book (A Shop on Blossom Street) and loved it. I just started the second book tonight (A Good Yarn).

I am hoping...for a year of changes - a year of health - a year of more laughter than tears.

I am hearing...the fan blowing the heat from the shop into the trailer, the dishwasher going, and B13 & hubby watching Lord of the Rings:  Return of the King.

Around the house...a Christmas explosion that needs to be put away. 

One of my favorite things...quiet time at home with a good book.

From my picture journal...

The aftermath at the Grandparents house. J5 looks a bit dazed doesn't he? I think he's holding his new Transformers shirt in his hands.

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  1. What a nice memory of Christmas' gone by. We started back to school yesterday (just a few subjects)... we've taken off too much time already this year and have another couple weeks off in Feb/March so we must keep plugging away...


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