Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Weighing In

As you all know I'm a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The Crew has its own forum so we can talk about the products we're reviewing but there is a "general conversation" area too just so we can chat. We like to do that sort of thing - a lot.

Today I noticed someone mentioning a blog they found that had a "weight loss challenge" on it. I perked up. What you all may not know is that I should loose about 70 pounds to be considered a "healthy" weight. And let me tell you - typing that wasn't easy. These blog posts get posted over at Facebook and who knows who else reads this thing, but you know - those of you who know me IRL (that's "in-real-life") won't find that a surprise. The number might be surprising (or I could just be totally fooling myself) but it's obvious I'm a tad plump around the middle.

When I was growing up this wasn't an issue. I was active. I played sports. I thought I was overweight but looking back now (70 pounds heavier) - I wasn't. Not even close.

Then I started having babies. Well, let me say this first. From the time I graduated high school until I had said baby (after college) - I gained about 30 pounds. Obviously I was overweight, but I still fit in a size 10-12 pair of pants. I could still tuck in my shirt. I could still wear a belt and I had a waist that it fit around. Now? Well, let's just say I'm glad for oversized clothing.

I gained 50+ pounds with my first son (now 13 years old). I lost all but 15 of what I had gained with him - but remember I was still 30 pounds overweight - when I took on a night job - with a newborn! I remember stopping at the convenience store on the way to working my 11pm-7am shift (medical transcription) with my baby in tow and buying two regular Mountain Dews (for the caffeine) and two king sized candy bars. I would eat this to stay awake. Yeah - needless to say I put back all the weight and then some!

Since that time I have done battle with my weight. Unfortunately, my weight continues to win.

When I became pregnant with son #2 (now age 8), I was also diagnosed with diabetes. Until he was four months old, it was thought to be Type 2. It was not gestational as they found it at my first prenatal appointment. However, when the endocrinologist did his tests they found that I had Type 1 (research now shows it is most likely Type 1a but still insulin-dependent). I wear an insulin pump to take my insulin.

However, my "official" diagnosis. Well, it's really the ICD-9 coding for it (I went to school for "medical record" management & used to work as a medical coder eons ago) is 250.0. Any doctors out there? That means "Type 1 diabetes, uncontrolled." Yeah - I just posted that for the world to see too.

Add to that code the results of my RealAge quiz. Anyone ever done that? It asks you a bunch of questions about your health, your activity, your lifestyle, etc. and so on. Then it figures out what your "real" age is - not what the calendar says but what your body says. Anyone want to guess what mine is? Go on...I'll wait. Be honest - I can't see what you pick.

Okay - so what did you pick? Well, I guess I could start by telling you all I have a birthday this week. I turn 38. But you know what RealAge told me? It told me that I was really 50.7. 50.7!!! Seriously? Let's just say, they had my attention. I'll even do the math for you - that's an extra 12 years!!!!

I've finally come to the realization I cannot continue to live like I'm living and think I'll see my boys grow up. I just can't. So yesterday I began - again - but this time? This time it's for real. It's for my life. It's for my family. It's for me.

I've been attending a Bible study on Sunday nights. It just ended. It's been a great little study. One of the ladies that attends works for the Weight Watchers corporate office here in the state. She said something that really stuck with me. It was about addictions and I happen to have a few (food being a big one I think). She said that those fighting addictions have to fill up that space inside them with something else. Someone bigger than the addiction. I heard it. I wrote it down.

So yesterday I began exercising again. My goal is five to six days a week. I was doing it this spring. I did a two mile walk video Monday and it hurt. I did a "pilates scuplt" show I taped off FitTV and it hurt. Each morning I have a quiet time with God and each morning I give it all to Him. I certainly haven't been doing a great job of this on my own. Obviously. I need His help and badly! (I am basing what I'm doing off the book Never Say Diet by Chantal Hobbs - excellent book & one I highly recommend. I'm dusting off my copy and using her words of advice once again.)

Saturday I weighed close to the highest I have ever weighed - today I was down half a pound. Sundays will be my official weigh-day since it is my day off from working out. Although, I do tend to weigh daily. I know, but it works for me. I'll be adding a ticker to my sidebar - somewhere - to help with that accountability thing as well.

If anyone wants to join in a weekly accountability & weigh in - check out Kris' blog, Eclipsed.

I've taken the steps to DO - not try...go read Kris' blog to see what I'm talking about.


  1. Lisa, I hope you can stick with it. I know I have gained weight this last year and I am feeling more tired (mostly from lack of sleep) and out of shape. I have always relied on good genes, but I'm thinking I've about run out the benefit. I did take the RealAge test and still test younger than I am (those good genes), but I know I could do so much better. I look forward to following your progress.

  2. Lisa, I know how hard that was to type. Believe me, I know! As if it wasn't bad enough to type it, my husband went to work and, from the sound of things, told ALL his friends and co-workers about it. He had some of his employees ask for my blog site, which he gave them. So, now my husband's employees are reading all the things I've never even wanted to tell him. Talk about transparency. Sheesh!!

    Anyway, I really think that, to sound just like an AAA meeting, admitting how serious the problem is is the first step to doing something about it. We *will* DO this. We'll just keep on keeping on until it's done.

    I'm glad to have you sharing the journey with me.

  3. Lisa, you inspire me!!!!! I battle health issues that do much better with exercise and proper diet, and lately I have been really slack on both! Thanks for inspiring me to get back on my treadmill today and walk! Looking forward to following your journey! I will join you on the exercise and healthy eating front! Let me know if you know of an accoutablity counter for just exercise!

  4. Oh, I feel you ya'! I struggle as well. I feel like I look like an over stuffed sausage, and it's uncomfortable. Start out slowly with the exercise and you'll stick with it longer. I had to start with 15 minutes on the treadmill(pathetic, I know), but now I'm up to an hour. I think I was doing 15 for a few weeks, then 30 for a few weeks, and lately an hour.

    Offering up my prayers for your success!

    I got my treadmill for Craigslist for about $45.00.


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