Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Memories

I'm not sure how long this homemade Advent calendar has hung on the door at my parents house, but I can remember having it there when I was a young girl. A family friend made it for us and it's always been a precious part of my Christmas memories.

It would look just like this on December 1st....

Although now the years are beginning to show on this poor calendar. Each "door" is hung with just eyelet hooks tacked on with thread. And you can see the bit out of day 16 there on the right. Unfortunately, mice have found it yummy & have destroyed the image on the back of door 16 & even door 24 (poor Joseph).

As the days of December tick off closer & closer to December 25th, we would all take turns flipping over the doors until this was what we would see....

The third door - the dove - as always mine to turn over since that is my birthday...

The detail in each "door" simply amazes me - then and now! They are all felted pieces. Each door has a white front & a gold back. Some of the characters are very intricate. The time and energy that went in to making this truly was wonderful. I know that the woman that made it for us was a wonderful family friend and I'm sure she made it with much love.

Sadly, because of all the mice damage and the missing or broken eyelet hooks, this will probably be retired from use. That is one reason I took the photos. So that I will always have the memory of this wonderful advent calendar.


  1. This is a great advent calendar. I love it!

  2. Is there any way it can be repaired? What a treasure it would be to pass on down to your kids.


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