Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday's Fave Five

I'm back this week participating in the Friday's Fave Five hosted by Living to Tell the Story. It's fun & it's making me think of all the good things this week rather than how crazy busy it's been.

1. I'm thankful for family and friends who came to the house on a Sunday afternoon to help us celebrate J6's birthday. He is such a fun kid. He loved everything he was given - even clothes. I love the expressions on his face. So priceless.

2. We had a great time on Monday bowling with friends - even braving a minor snowstorm. We were invited to help a friend celebrate his seventh birthday by going bowling, eating pizza, and having ice-cream and cake. The boys loved it. I loved what a great help N8 was to J6 during bowling. N8 would set up the little bowling help for little kids & then hold it steady while J6 pushed the ball down. I love it when they work together and help each out.

3. I love that my thirteen year old son loves to bake and that he's GOOD at it too! On Thursday I was gone most of the morning. I came home to find fresh chocolate chip cookies waiting for us. Sadly they are now all gone - a double batch no less! The only thing left to do is teach him how to wash up the baking stones after he's done. I just did that tonight and it seemed kind of wrong to be cleaning up from the baking and have no baking left to enjoy.

4. I am also thankful for good friends. My friend Sarah asked to set up a playdate for her son with one of mine - N8 specifically. I headed over to her house this morning to drop him off and ended up chatting for about 30 minutes - homeschooling stuff - so fun to talk about. N8 was at her house for quite a bit today but that allowed me to tackle the post-Christmas mess still in his & J6's room. I let J6 have free reign on the Wii while I attacked their room. It's nice to have it done.

5. Friday nights find us at church for Bible study.  Our church doesn't do a Wednesday night service but rather small in-home Bible studies at various homes. We have a small one - four families - but between all us there are 10 kids - mostly boys and they are loud! Last year we were able to meet at our leaders home, but this year it just wasn't working. Now we meet at church. The leaders wife selfishly stays up in the gym with all those kids while we all meet downstairs in a classroom. She won't let anyone else take a turn. I think it's a bit nuts myself but I'm certainly thankful to her for doing it. The kids have a blast playing in the gym and being - well kids. Tonight we had a bit of entertainment at the end....

That's my hubby on his knees.
Seriously - give a guy a light saber - no matter the age - and they must do battle.

Looking back on the week, we did have a great one. Busy....but great. Here's to a nice quiet weekend though.


  1. So glad to see you back participating in Friday's Fave Five. :0

  2. Fun meme! I'll have to participate . . . one of these days! ;0)

  3. LOL at your comment about hearing from some grownups!

    This is my first time visiting your blog, and I like it! I smiled when I saw you were in Maine - my husband and I visited Maine a few years ago in the fall - beautiful!

  4. Welcome Lisa to FFF! Nice to have you join in!

    That last picture cracked me right up. Boys will be boys. LOL.

    Happy birthday to your boy! The look on his face is just priceless!

  5. The guys with the lightsabers is so funny! Guess they never outgrow it.


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