Monday, January 4, 2010

My Daybook

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FOR TODAY... January 4, 2010

Outside my window... daylight is fading fast.  Although we have gained seven whole minutes since December 21st.

I am thinking...tomorrow will be a sad day. It would have been my Mom's birthday. She would have been 66 years old.

I am thankful creative hubby who is constantly coming up with ideas on how to save money. He's currently building a "tempering tank" for our hot water. It's a hot water tank that will be heated by our wood stove. He spent the weekend making the coils for the water to be heated in. This should save us considerable money on our electric bill since we have an electric hot water heater. The water will be pre-heated by the wood stove (at least in the winter/fall) before going to the hot water tank.

From the learning rooms...our first day back after a very long absence. Overall it was good. Still tweaking what to work on & how to make sure J5 gets quality and quantity time with me.

From the kitchen...not sure. I need to make chocolate chip banana nut muffins for hubby's breakfasts and because I have a ton of black bananas too. This week I think we'll make "potholes" (i.e. BBQ cupcakes), maybe a whole chicken later in the week, and most likely something of the pork variety since we bought a quarter of a pig a few weeks ago. So yummy!

I am wearing...fuzzy socks, winter crocs, the world's comfiest jeans, and my new long-sleeved black t-shirt. I have a white one too. It's not quite warm enough so I'll be putting on a sweater here soon.

I am mom. 

I am lesson plans. I also restarted my Project 365 blog. I'm remembering how fun it can be to take photos daily just because.

I am enjoy life to its fullest.

I am currently reading...a book by Debbie Macomber - Susannah's Garden. I'm enjoying this author. I also have a homeschooling book I need to read for a TOS Crew review and another book that is due this week for a blog tour. I've also been reading Stepping Heavenward for the last month or so for an online Bible study I am doing. I'm really liking that particular book.

I am hoping...continue making progress on those things I plan to change. Small daily goals. That's my focus right now. I'm not looking too far ahead.

I am hearing...the Wii Fit as J5 plays his turn. He's "cycling." The dryer is tumbling a load of clothes. N8 is playing in his room - since he can't help not give tips to J5 while he's playing & it's annoying to listen to...

Around the house...Christmas is put away. Well, the boxes made it to the porch and still need to get out to the shed for permanent storage but that will come. Just trying to declutter and pick up but then again, I'm always doing that.

One of my favorite things...fresh eggs from my chickens & how they cluck & gather to see me when I go out to the coop. 

From my picture journal...

These are the cooper coils hubby spent the day soldering together and riveting to cookie sheets.


  1. Thinking of you and praying for you, especially tomorrow. I know how hard it is!

    So excited to see you doing Project 365. I love this project and am so excited to have my kit. I am also keeping some of my notes on my Project 365 Blog. Looking forward to watching how your year unfolds!

    I'll email you some thoughts as I put my binder and notes together.

  2. That "tempering tank" is a cool idea. Good luck on the Project 365. I'm doing that right now too, but it's going a scrapbook, not a blog, and I've been missing a lot of days lately. But I'm doing better this week. Gotta check and make sure I did it today though.

  3. WOW! The tempering tank sounds like a great idea especially with all the wood you have readily available. It wouldn't work for us since we don't have wood easily available, but it sure sounds like a great idea!


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