Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Peek Into Saturday

  • We started the morning with our usual Saturday morning tradition. Not great for any diet/healthy-living but certainly yummy.
  • I ate mine in the car as I rushed off to a hair appointment. I woke up at 8am-ish. By the time I woke up enough to function and had breakfast out of the oven it was 8:45 & I had to leave in 15 minutes to make my appointment. It's a 30 minute drive in to "town" to where the hair salon is located. I made it - barely. I think the clock said 9:31 when I walked through the door. Phew! And I did manage a shower before I left.
  • After my hair cut (just a trim - it's still really short though - it hasn't been this short since high school), I drove over to the local Wally World. A certain someone....
turns six next Friday. I managed to get all his gifts early this year. Woo-Hoo for me!

  • I snagged some lunch at another eating establishment that really isn't part of the "healthy-living" band wagon but it was quick & cheap. I drove to a local parking lot, opened up a book, and enjoyed a quiet lunch reading. Ahhhh.............
  • I attempted to find a solar light for my chicken coop. It's located out in an old barn with no power to it. Any power would have to be run from Grandpa's house and it's probably not all that safe to have a heat source in there. So we're going solar - cheaper too - once we can find a solar light that does not have motion sensors in it. I could just see my poor chicks getting blinded at 10:30 at night when they move about on their roost. All 12 should be laying but we are still getting only 3-5 eggs a day. The light should fix that problem.
  • Headed to hubby's Grandmother's house to clean. I do this for them every week, but I do get paid. It's a nice way to make a little extra money & helps them out as they don't get around as well as they used to. They go out to eat lunch just about every day weather & health permitting so that's when I clean. Today Grandma was a bit slower in getting ready so I had about half the cleaning done before they left and I could get in her bedroom to strip the bed. So I spent a very pleasant 20 minutes sitting on the couch reading after everything else was done while the sheets were drying. 
  • I stopped at the local thrift store just down the road and scored a very nice condition Yamaha snowmobile jacket for hubby...for a mere $5 dollars. Seriously. Okay, I really paid $5.25 because of tax. These go for at least $100 if not more. Hubby was pretty happy & so am I - now maybe his L.L.Bean jacket might last the winter.
  • I ended up back at home around 2pm. The boys were playing the Wii - as evidenced by J5 in the photo above. He was doing batting practice on baseball. Somehow it had escaped me about the training and fitness that comes with Wii Sports. Although, Wii Sports told me my Wii Age was 67. Then Wii Fit told me I was 26. I'm going with that one obviously!
  • It's cold! It's below freezing with the wind chill. Hubby has been working all day long getting the pipes hooked up for his tempering tank. We finally have cold water back - around 4:30, but it's now 8:30pm and he's still working (I think) on getting the hot water hooked up. It's been a much longer process than I think he thought it would - it's taking a long time. 
  • The boys are in bed. My blogs are now updated. I'm going to go watch a movie and eat some popcorn. And yeah -that's not all that healthy either right now since it's "extra butter." Small steps right?
  • And I'll leave you with this photo....
This just cracks me up. Snowball is getting her daily brushing. She actually does like it but B13 was doing her head and one ear is down. Doesn't she look totally ticked off?

Have a great weekend all!


  1. Your Saturday tradition gave me a craving!

    What is this sisterhood of the shrinking jeans thingy anyway?

  2. Sounds like a nice Saturday... I spent the morning at Cookie College gearing up for the start of our Girl Scout Cookies going on sale! Yup, not so healthy either!


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