Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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FOR TODAY...Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Outside my window...it's now dark out. Still waiting to see if we actually get any snow as predicted. It's only a measly 2-4 inches or so. Considering it hasn't snowed at all for more than three weeks, I'm even looking forward to something on the ground. It's been feeling like April here lately.

I am thinking...that the week isn't turning out to be quite so hectic as I had thought. Although, I do keep thinking I'm a couple days ahead. Too much on my mind I guess.

I am thankful for...supportive friends and family. It really helps to make life go easier.

From the learning rooms...staying on track using our work box system and "together school" checklists. Focusing on the basics and having fun with the Olympics.

From the kitchen...really need to make some muffins and mini-loafs of bread for hubby's breakfast. He's home every night this week so real dinners too!

I am wearing...the usual...winter crocs, fuzzy socks, comfy jeans, layering camisole, and long-sleeved T-shirt.

I am remembering...last year. My mom was going through chemo right now and doing good. It would all start to go downhill in just a few weeks. The one year anniversary of her death is next month. I still miss her greatly.

I am creating...I just made a photo book of pictures from January 2010. Free at HotPrints. They place a double page spread of ads in the middle of the book but you can just take that right out. Or pay for the book and not have the ads in it. I did one for my sister's wedding photos to try it out and it's neat. You can get one free one a month and it will pull photos right from your Facebook account if you'd like.

I am currently reading...I just finished reading a great book. I'll be posting the review this week for a blog tour. Still working on the Bible in 90-Day challenge and just starting a new blog tour book that I'll be posting about at the end of the month.

I am hoping...to continue working on the decluttering. It feels good to have clean surfaces and things not falling down everywhere. It's hard living in such a small space. I really need to take a few days off from "together school" with the kids I think and just work on rooms.

I am hearing...nothing. Everyone has gone to bed and the TV is off. Although, I need to turn it back on so I can see what's happening on the Olympics or watch American Idol (DVR).

Around the house...not much - although - as mentioned - decluttering still ranks right up there.

One of my favorite things...watching Americans take gold at the Olympics. Last night's snowboard cross race was amazing! Seth Wescott grew up just a few towns over. His mom was my dance teacher in high school. It's really such a small world.

From my picture journal...

We went to a hands-on science fair today and the boys made flubber or slime. It was easy and they loved it. Can't you tell my N8's expression? I wouldn't let them make it last year and I may regret it this year but so far so good.

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