Sunday, February 28, 2010

We're Home!

The boys & I left on Thursday and headed south to Massachusetts. We arrived home late last night. We had six inches of snow on the ground here in Maine when we left. I almost didn't go. It's the first snow we've had all of February! However, within 30 minutes of driving it was all rain.

Why did we go to Mass?

I met up with some fellow "loopies!" I belong to a large homeschooling Yahoo group and we had the chance to meet up in person at the Boston Museum of Science. I took over 60 photos there and the boys had a fabulous time playing. I wished for more "mom-time" to talk.

Saturday we checked out a "knight" museum and the boys loved that! I took another 70+ photos.

I drove through lots of snow and rain and general yucky winter weather to get home last night. The usual trip of four hours turned in to a seven hour drive. Blah! Thankfully we made it home safely. I came across at least four cars off the road at various points on the trip.

We're all tired and still recovering from all the fun and long hours of the weekend. I have over 160 photos to go through and decide on what to post. But we're home. We had a great time.

Now I have to go finish some laundry.....

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