Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday's Fave Five - 6/11

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1. My son has his first job. I think it's pretty exciting! He'll be mowing the lawn for someone here in town. Well, town is a relative term. It's about 10 minutes away so I'll drop him off with my cell phone so he can work and he'll call when he's done. He's 13. He'll be 14 in August and is eager to earn money. This is someone my hubby  knows so he laid some ground work and then we had B13 call the gentleman today and do his own negotiating on price and setting of details. He was nervous but did well. Let's see how he feels about the whole thing come September. 

2. I met my fundraising goal for the Tour de Cure. This is a fundraising bike ride I've done for the last six years for the American Diabetes Association. As a type 1 diabetic, I'm really praying for a viable cure some day. This is one way I can contribute to that. The minimum amount to raise in order to ride is $150. My goal was twice that and today - with the help of nine family members and friends - I met that goal. I'm riding on Sunday - 25K (about 15 miles) - with very little training this year. It will be interesting that's for sure. My MIL rides with me every year and is a great support for me.

3. Baseball is DONE! While I know my boys had a great time playing ball this year, I am glad to have my evenings relatively free again. N9 improved while playing with the older league (9-10 year old boys). This was a jump for him as this is a "kid-pitcher" league. The previous team he played on was "coach-pitching." He did well as some of those pitchers were pretty erratic. At least once a game a batter would be hit although that dropped over the course of the season. J6 started playing having never played ball at all! He started not able to hit or catch. He ended with getting hits almost every game. The first time he hit the ball all the parents were yelling and yes, I was the loudest. He was SO proud and so was I.

4. We had a fun field trip on Tuesday to one of our favorite spots - the Maine Wildlife Park. We started out by taking a class on owls and then dissecting some owl pellets. After we ate lunch we spent a couple hours wandering around the park and checking out all the animals. It was a lot of fun - as always.

5. Kicking my kids off all TV, Wii, and PC privileges today. It seems that we are constantly looking for remotes after the kids go to bed. They never put them back where they belong. It happened again last night and I was unable to watch the TV show I wanted simply because I couldn't figure find the TV remote. So when I went to bed last night I took all the remotes I could find and put signs on all the TVs in the house that said "NO TV!!!." And until 6pm tonight - that's exactly what happened. They read a lot of books today, played outside, and we played a board game. I may do this a lot more often. It was so quiet today and lovely. Oh, and they had found the missing remote before I got up this morning.


  1. I know what you mean about being glad a sport is over...those practices and games really eat into family time. And I got a huge kick out of your capturing all the remotes and declaring an electronics-free day. What a great idea!

    Happy weekend.

  2. We are riding in our local Tour De Cure in September! Our whole family!

  3. Well good for you for doing that bike ride! That's quite a ways to go and congrats on meeting your fundraising goals!

    I always loved when my kids played sports but was so glad by the end of the season to finally get my nights and weekends back.

    The remote take aways made me laugh. It's actually a great idea! A day without electronics sounds wonderful!

  4. Hey Lisa! Awesome blog. I haven't gotten a chance to check it out before I am so glad I wandered over at last.

    I LOVE the Friday Fave Five and can't wait to jump in next Friday.

    The reviews are going to be a huge help when we start in the fall.

  5. It's so funny how excited we all get that baseball season is starting but by the end it seems, with 2 boys on 2 different teams, that we are all happy to see it end. :)

    Good Luck on your Tour de Cure!


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