Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Tackle it Tuesday

I don't generally take photos of household projects because, well, I'm typically too embarrassed to show any "before" photos. However, when I decided to tackle my pathetic flowerbed last week, I knew I needed before and after photos so I could participate in this week's Tackle it Tuesday over at 5 Minutes for Mom. I feel like I used to when I took photos in order to use my cute scrapbooking photos.

So here are "before" photos of my very sad looking flower garden.

blog1 blog2

I began the tackle by just ripping up all the grass and other weeds growing in and around this little garden. I worked steadily one afternoon until time and other things made me stop. However, I was determined to finish up. It took me only about another 30 minutes Sunday afternoon to finish it all up. Doesn’t it look prettier now?

I just used some leftover shavings from our chickens. I have an ample supply of sawdust for them now that the sawmill is up and running (for our housing project). While it’s not “beauty bark” I still think it makes it look prettier. Now to just buy some pretty annuals to fill in the spaces.

While I may not have the world’s best green thumb, I’m pretty happy with my little garden.


  1. Beauty Bark or not - I agree - it does look pretty! Good job. I loved moving in here and having no weeds or dirt to start off with. ::snort:: Of course, we've created our own...despite our best intentions.

  2. That was a lot of work. My least favorite thing is too weed! Mine got bad as well...just went in and weeded the heck out of it. It's been so hot here, I haven't want to do it.


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