Friday, August 13, 2010

Catching Up

Last week Renita at Homedaze awarded me some blog awards. Life has been far too busy lately so my blogging has sadly fallen by the wayside. I’m working on getting caught up a bit today. 

I wanted to officially thank Renita for the lovely awards. I’m thankful to have some time on this beautiful summer afternoon to actually have time to blog.

The rules for these awards are as follows:
  1. Thank the one who gave it to you and link to their blog.
  2. Share seven things about yourself.
  3. Choose seven others to bless with the award and let them know they've won an award.
Seven things about me. I have no idea if they need to be seven things you don’t know about me or not so here goes.

Seven Random Things About Me:
  1. I live in rural Maine on a dirt road near a lake.
  2. We share 100 acres +/- with my in-laws and hubby’s grandfather.
  3. I have always lived in Maine and I love it here.
  4. I met my hubby in college and we were married nine months later. Our first child came three years after we were married (some wonder) and we just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary on 7/17.
  5. I am slightly addicted to Diet Mt. Dew but I’m working on that.
  6. I am the mom to three boys and love it – most days.
  7. I’m becoming more of a homebody the older I get. It doesn’t bother me as much to stay home like it used.
Now I need to pass this along to seven other blogs. Hmmmm….I have a lot to choose from so I’ll say this as well. If you see this and want to participate – please do!
  1. Sara @ Embracing Destiny
  2. Suzette @ Red Bluff Musings!
  3. Jennifer @ (In Search of) Super-Stay-At-Home-(Schooling)-Mom
  4. Trish @ A House Upon the Rock Homeschool
  5. Monica @ 3 Crazy Monkey’s
  6. Debbie @ Following the Narrow Path
  7. Twistie @ From the Country Farm

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  1. Thanks so much for this nice surprise! I just finally got around to posting it. I've been overwhelmed by not-nice surprises lately, so this was a welcome change!


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