Sunday, September 12, 2010

Senior Year

Nothing huge jumps out to me about my senior year of high school. I do know that I was very happy to be done with high school. For some reason I thought that I was now an adult and could get on with living my life. Ha!

I attended my senior prom with my boyfriend. I had picked out the perfect dress back in February. My mom hired a photographer to come out to the house (she had done my senior photos that fall) to take pictures of us in our finery. My younger sister was there with her date as well as a couple of my friends.

me 027

Speaking of my senior photos. Here is the one of the ones I liked best. I had a similar pose put in the yearbook. (Please note the popped collar. Was I cool or what?)

me 016

However, my mom did not like my hair. So she booked a second session with the photographer to come to our house (she was a semi-professional just starting out). Then she took me to the hairdresser and had my hair done the way she liked. This is the one she had enlarged and hung on our wall.

me 017

I do remember the party my parents threw for me after graduation. Our woodstove in the kitchen was covered with presents. It turns out they had gone to a warehouse store (those were just starting then) and bought me a ton of school supplies so I would be ready for college.

The last thing I opened was an envelope that started me on a scavenger hunt to find this…..

me 018 
It was a balloon filled with one hundred one dollar bills. That was a huge blessing and surprise. Although, one of the clues was hidden in my niece’s diaper. I remember not getting that one and making my sister-in-law pull that one out.


  1. Cute pictures! I really like your dresses. I know I'm old fashioned, but I prefer the older styles because they are so much more flattering. Great pictures - thanks for sharing. :)

  2. what a cool gift! Thanks for sharing!


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