Friday, October 15, 2010

Hot 100 - Update #3

Here we are already on week #3 of the Hot 100. That means we have (yikes!) less than 80 days left in 2010. This year is flying by so fast!

I'm not sure have shared a lot in regards to what I'm doing in my weight loss. I know I'm doing these weekly updates but a lot happens that I don't share. I find when I do, I typically set myself up for failure. However, today, you get to see a bit more. 

I started attending a "weight loss class" this previous summer. It meets roughly every week although I have seriously been lacking in my commitment to it right now. The class is really a Bible study focused on weight loss. Think Weight Watchers meets the Bible sort of thing. 

I really like it. We do have a daily Bible study we are to do along with memorizing Bible verses plus a myriad of other commitments we need to make. We are asked to give the program one full year before giving up. The founders feel that within a year you will have made the changes you need to in order to change your life and loose weight. The name of the program is called First Place 4 Health

What I really like about it is that there is no pressure. However, there is accountability and support. Right now I need that far more than anything. 

I almost quit on it. I wasn't following the program. I wasn't doing my Bible study. I wasn't tracking my food. I wasn't exercising. I almost didn't go today. One excuse I wanted to use was that it met on Friday mornings. I didn't want to loose that school time with my boys. God has such a sense of humor and He always knows what we need. Last week, before I could email my leader, I received an email from her. She was wondering if it would be okay to switch our meeting to Friday afternoons so that she could work on school with her daughter! Yes, my meeting is run by another homeschooling mom. Okay, God, I get it. 

So I went today. I'm happy I did. Starting next month I'll only be able to attend twice a month since the other two Friday afternoons will have me at 4-H meetings with the boys, but it works. God wants me there. I'm going to be there. God wants the best for me and my body is His temple. It's up to me to be a good steward of it.

Now on to this week's goals.
  1. Because I am already working on getting off the Diet Dew, I am going to consider this a "goal in progress" and continue working off this. By the end of 30 days (by my report on 11/12), I want to report that I am drinking no DMD! I have cut down on my Diet Mt. Dew drinking but it's not gone yet. My "mini-victory" this week. I began having days where I did not start my day by drinking one. I mentioned before that I would typically ONLY drink DMD throughout the day starting with breakfast. This week I had at least two days where I did not drink one for breakfast. I also found a different soda I'm going to try. It's Sierra Mist Natural. It's made with real sugar (what a concept) and while it isn't diet, it only has 90 calories and 23 carbs. It comes in 7.5oz cans. My goal is to get off the DMD and then if I still feel the need for a soda, I would drink a Sierra Mist. We'll see how that works. I will say that my ultimate goal is to be on NO SODA at all. 
  2. Since we have all recently heard how much sleep plays a role in weight loss, I will continue working on my goal of going to bed every single night by 11pm. I did not manage this every night but I did manage three out of seven nights. Considering it was at zero, this is progress. Again - a "mini-victory" and I'll take. 
  3. The last goal will be my exercise one. I am revising it slightly....20-30 minutes of exercise 3-4 days a week. This would include a walk outside, a Leslie Sansone walking video (at least 2 miles), or the Wii Biggest Loser workout. I tried the yoga once this week. Tough! So yeah, that stays. I managed to exercise just once this week. That was this morning. I'm excited to say that at my weight class today we have challenged ourselves to walk 50 miles between now and the end of our study in five weeks. 
My goals for this week will be:
  1. No more than three DMD's in a single day. None with breakfast. 
  2. Bed by 11pm EVERY single night this week.
  3. Exercise 20-30 minutes 3-4 days a week. Logging 10 miles of walking this week.

Be sure to head over to Log My Loss to encourage others who are taking the Hot 100 Challenge!


  1. Keep going on the goals! Good job on going to the meeting when you didn't want to go, too.

  2. Hey Lisa-Anne, I'm doing First Place 4 Health too.!!! We are on week 5, but won't meet next week because our leader is leaving the next day for the Susan G. Koman walk in Atlanta. Outside forces were trying to prevent me from going. I saw it as the Devil getting in my way and that I really need to be there. I found a way to make it work and love it. I did really well the first couple of weeks, but have been slacking the last two. Now, I'm back on track. Thanks for reminding me that I didn't do my food journal today. ;)

  3. One word of caution with the real sugar in the Sierra Mist, sugar stimulates appetite! You will be hungrier all day with the sugar than you would be without it.

    Personally, I prefer drinking water! I carry my metal water bottle with me everywhere, and usually refill it four or five times a day (it holds about 2 1/2 cups).

    However, as long as you don't go overboard with the Sierra Mist, you should be okay!

    You are doing really well on your other goals. I wish there was a First Place 4 Health study near me.

  4. Progress in the right direction - good for you:)

  5. Losing weight is so hard. Praying for your success.

  6. Praying for your success this week! :) I struggle with all of those same issues! (except I drink Dr. Pepper not Dew) ;)


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