Friday, December 10, 2010

Hot 100 - Update #11

This week has been much, much less hectic than last week. I even had three days pretty much at home. What a nice change! Of course, this is a post about my weight loss efforts.

I want to state this once more...I joined the Hot 100 Challenge not to drop serious weight even though I have serious weight to drop. I am not on this weight loss journey hoping for a quick fix. I know that won't work. I've tried it time and again. I have come to the point where no matter what I try, it's going to fail....unless I get my head to get together with my heart and work on this process together. 

This week has been okay - not great - but I am seeing progress. On to this week's goals.

  • Stay off the DMD!  I had a total of three this week. Again, not bad if you look at the overall picture (six plus a day) but I know I need to stay off this - completely.
  • Sleep! Get to sleep! Must be in bed by 11pm every night. I may not be asleep, but I must be in bed. Less chance of letting other things keep me up way past midnight. Um, considering I'm blogging this at 11:06pm I know I still need to work on this. However, over the last seven days I had four nights when I was in bed by 11pm.
  • Exercise - need to get moving! I'm starting to get this back on track. I even pulled out the Wii Fit this week. However, I discovered my youngest son completely erased all of my saved settings. All the levels I had unlocked, all the time put in for the last year are gone. ::sigh:: So I started at square one. Annoyed but not discouraged. And let's just say I did get a perfect score on the Wii Fit Rhythm Parade Beginner Level thank-you-very-much!

The end of the Hot 100 is coming up fast. Today was the last day of my weight loss class until the new year as well. I did end the class weighing a tad less than where I started - but only a tad. It's helping a lot with the heart stuff though. We'll begin again on January 7th. Next week we'll be getting together at a local cafe for lunch to celebrate the end of the study. 

I don't view all of these endings though, but rather chances to start fresh and continue on this journey.

This week's goals remain the same....

  • Stay off the DMD! Drink water and tea only.
  • Sleep! Get to sleep! Must be in bed by 11pm every night. I may not be asleep, but I must be in bed. Less chance of letting other things keep me up way past midnight.
  • Exercise - need to get moving! 
And I'm going to add one more - which may be the toughest one yet....
  • No computer past 9pm - ouch.....


  1. I disagree about not needing a quick fix. How long do you want to be at this weight? If you're not happy with it, then do something about it. Now. And quickly. I want it all to go away now, granted you need to be healthy about it but just casually limiting calories will take forever. Make a plan, limit your calories, drink a ton of liquid and lose the weight. Period. If you get in the right mindset and focus, you can do it. :-)

  2. I respectfully disagree, Debbi. I didn't get overweight quickly and expecting a quick fix has really kept me stuck where I am. If I attempt to fix it quickly, I run the risk of not addressing all the other issues that contribute to me being overweight. That is why I'm focusing on things not directly related to weight loss (diet mostly) at the moment. Until I get the rest of it inline, I can't expect fix it forever. That is my ultimate goal. I don't want to yo-yo. I want it fixed. ;-)

  3. I think your attitude is great. For me, it was a similar paradigm shift this year. Not that I don't want the quick fix - I do. But I know that never works in the long run. (I am a serial yo-yo dieter, after all.)


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