Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yes, I still blog.....

They do say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This about sums up my week. Let me break it down for you...

The day after Thanksgiving I headed south to go shopping with my sister and our good friend, Tammy. We had a fantastic deal on a hotel room and took advantage of that and the fact that we were in the largest city in the state and did our Christmas shopping. In fact, mine can be called done!

Sunday afternoon I headed home dropping off Tammy & Beth along the way. By the time I arrived back it was close to 3:30. I had time to unpack and take a quick nap on the couch before we were back in the truck heading to church for a business meeting.

Come Monday I just wanted to stay home. We managed school in the morning and we had piano lessons in the afternoon. After dinner we headed in to church for youth group. Hubby was working late so all the boys had to come with me. B14 headed off to his group and the younger ones played in the nursery. I was making photocopies. Lots of photocopies. Enough that I almost used up all the paper at the church. I was scheduled to be the guest speaker at the MOPS group on Wednesday morning and planned to have the ladies make a set of Jesse Tree ornaments. Another late night for the kiddos.

We had a field trip planned for Tuesday back down in the big city of Portland. This meant leaving early enough to get to my sister's house (we were riding together) and make it there. We went to see a "Backstage at the Nutcracker" performance. It was fantastic and well worth it.

They explained a lot of things they do to stage the production and tricks to the performance. The dancers performed a few pieces from the ballet as well. Mesmerizing. 

On the way home my sister was kind enough to take me to Sam's Club (she has a membership and I don't). I also needed to pick up copy paper for the church so I could finish my project for MOPS. 

That meant on Wednesday morning I was scheduled to be at MOPS and talk about creating family traditions at Christmas. It went well although I couldn't get the computer projector to work with my PC so I just used it for myself. 

After lunch I took J6 and headed north to have work done on my truck. Oh, I should mention that hubby & I bought vehicles just before Thanksgiving. Mine had a problem with the front vents when we bought it so that was being fixed. J6 and I spent a couple hours wondering the local mall and peaking in stores and such. It was interesting to only have one child for a change!

I then found out it would take another 7-8 hours to fix my truck. I was given a loaner and headed home. 

Today (Thursday) I took the two youngest boys to a friends in the morning for a play date. It's really a "mommy play date" so we can visit and talk but the boys typically have a good enough time as well. I also picked up some great Pampered Chef things I had ordered from her. I was suppose to head back north to pick up my truck, but I was so utterly exhausted I took a nap instead.

Of course, this means that tomorrow (Friday) I will be heading north first thing in the morning. I will then be driving two hours south since I promised to take N9 to see the model train exhibit at our favorite museum. Then we head back north for our 4-H meeting. Anyone tired yet? I certainly am!

To top off my week, Saturday is the last 4-H Money Camp craft show. I'll be posting more about that later.

I obviously need to slow down! Thankfully next week looks much calmer.


  1. I sooo understand! I keep thinking that maybe one of these days I'll have a chance to blog!

  2. Woah, you've been super-busy! The ballet sounds amazing!

  3. Miss reading everyone's blog. I really need to try and make blogging and reading blogs more of a priorty. You sound so busy. Hope you get a break soon.

  4. Shew! Busy, I enjiy reading when you hve time to write.


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