Thursday, December 23, 2010

Your Voice Heard

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As a Mom we know that one of our biggest responsibilities with our children is being careful of what they watch on TV. Remember this song from your childhood....

Be careful little eyes what you see

Not only do we need to be careful what our children see in life but also in media. Charter Moms is interested in what we as Moms think about TV programming and services. They have just started a new Facebook page and are encouraging moms everywhere to 'like' them and begin discussing things such as...

  • What do you allow your children to watch?
  • What sort of programs would you like to have available for them?
  • How often and when do you let your children watch TV?

By joining the Facebook page you will also be the first to know about new programming and services.

I love letting my boys watch educational programming. Now don't get me wrong. I don't make them sit and watch documentary after documentary. Although, as a homeschooling Mom, I love programs that are educational and yet fun. Some recent faves of my children would be things like Myth Busters, Dirty Jobs, and Smash Lab - not typical children programming! One other that we are currently watching is a video with Charlie Brown and his friends discovering different aspects of America. History and cartoons all rolled in to one. Fun and educational!

We typically begin the day with the TV on - something I'm working to change, but we haven't quite made it there yet. Of course, one reason is that my nine year old gets up at o-dark-hundred and there is no way I'm getting up as early as he does. He's been like this since he was a baby. I still remember getting up at 5am (or earlier!)  with him when he was a toddler - popping in a Blue's Clues video - and then curling up in the recliner with him. He would watch that while I slept. It's hard being a night owl with a morning bird child!

Be sure to head over to Charter Moms Facebook page and join in the discussions!

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