Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Top Ten Favorite Blog "Meme's"

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Recently I made mention that the The Old Schoolhouse Magazine will begin new tryouts for the new TOS Homeschool Crew. I'm in my second year and I'm really enjoying it. Every year they tweak the program just a bit and so I'm helping to get the word out. In the coming year, if you want to be considered for the Crew, you need to have a blog, post at least four times a month, and have a following with a minimum of 25 followers. This led a friend to ask me...."How do you get followers?"

It can certainly be hard to do this if you are new to the blogging world. One thing I have found that works really well is to participate in blog "meme's." What is a meme? It stands for "me! me!" so it's a post typically about you. There are quite a few of them out there. 

Oh wait - I'm participating in one right now as I explain this! Each has their own rules. Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by oh Amanda, is when you share ten related things. One of my most hit on posts (most visitors = most potential followers) is the one I did on my Top Ten Free Homeschooling Sites

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite blog meme's to participate in....(and I'm going to totally cheat here a bit. I have more than 10 to list so since I have already listed Top Ten Tuesday, I'm not going to include them in my list below. Be sure to check it out all the same!) 

And just one more clarification...the first link will be to the "rules" page and the second to the blog homepage of the host. These are not in day order...

Have you tackled some sort of project this week? Big or small it doesn't matter. Perhaps sharing will help others solve a problem they have. If nothing else, it always feels good to mark something off the "to do" list.

A series of questions you answer each week. It's typically posted on Tuesday and there is on long link-up for the month. They are simple things like "what are you wearing" to "what are your plans for the week." Questions that make you take just a moment to capture a day in your life.

Have you ever felt like you had a horrid week? Or have you ever had a wonderful week? This is a great way of remembering five things from your week that you are grateful for. 

{four} Sunday Snapshot hosted by Ni Hao Ya'll
The only rule to this one? Share a memory of your week (Are you seeing a theme yet? A lot of the meme's I like have something to do with remembering or thankfulness.) Obviously sharing a photo plays a roll as well. Just a note, as of today the button photo has been updated. It's not shown on the rule page yet, but it is on the home page.

{five} Wednesday Wickedness hosted by Janera Jepson (only one link as it's pretty self explanatory)
Every Wednesday Janera picks a famous person and asks some questions for you to answer based on quotes from them. It's sort of a fun way to get over the mid-week point. 

{six} Monday Miscellany hosted by lowercase letters
It really says it all doesn't it? Just be random. Be miscellaneous. And you'll be all set.

Ann Voskamp is an amazing writer. I actually have her geography books that we use in our homeschool. She hosts a weekly "gratitude" post. Begin a list of the things you are most thankful for and continue it each week. Big or small - it doesn't matter. The goal? Reach a 1000 and keep going.

As any mother of small children knows, they can sometimes say the most outrageous and cute things. This meme is designed to help you remember them.

Do you have a neat tip you want to share? Something that just really "works for you?" Then link up and tell everyone about it. There are monthly themes (first Wednesday of the month) which are optional. 

Obviously this one only works for homeschoolers. It's a neat way of sharing all the things you have accomplished over the course of the week. If nothing else, it serves as a record when you think you are getting absolutely nothing done. Proof positive that you are!

And a general rule of thumb about blog following....if you visit a blog, leave a comment. Many times this will bring someone back to your blog. Will it guarantee followers? No, but it certainly helps.


  1. Great tips about getting new readers/followers. And I didn't know about some of those little linkies!

    Thanks for linking up w/me!

  2. Nice post, even for us old bloggers! :)

  3. Argh! I know I asked you how to get more followers, but I don't know if I'm smart enough to do this! ...

  4. Cool, I never heard of some of those!

  5. Maybe I should try to get back into blogging again :)... I sure admire how you've been so consistent!


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