Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pick M... Um..wait, what was I talking about?

One of my fellow Crew Mates began a fun homeschool blogging awards last year. Who doesn't feel like a misfit? I love how Lori describes these awards....

Have you ever read any of the (mostly wonderful) homeschool blog award categories and thought, "Wow, these are cool but I'd never fit into any of these! Where's the award for the one who tries hard but knows she'll never be a super blogger"? That's where the Misfit Awards come in to play! These are meant to be fun, self deprecating, and humorous.

Over the past week Lori has been accepting nominations and while it's fine and encouraged to nominate yourself, I didn't do that. I figured I'd wait and see who I knew and go spread my votes around.

Color me surprised. I was actually nominated. I have no clue who did so but I want to say Thanks.

Oh - the category? That is a riot!

I am one of five nominees in this one:

The "Squirrel" Award- "Wait, weren't we supposed to be studying Abraham Lincoln?  How'd we end up talking about the chemical properties of Styrofoam?"  This is the homeschool blogger who begins her posts on one topic and then takes off in several different directions.  ADHD anyone?


I'm not sure if the person who nominated realizes how much this is me! And even more so - my family. I'm the mom of three boys. Although, I do have to say, my hubby is the worse for this condition and I fear it's rubbing off on me.  In fact, it's not  unheard of me to whisper, "Squirrel!" in true Up! style.

Head over to Lori's blog and check out all the nominees in all ten categories. Take the time to check out all the great blogs there and then vote. Oh & in category #2? Vote for me! Voting is open until November 3rd.


  1. Me, me, it was me! I nominated you! ;0) For real! I chose that category because I think you have such a good variety of topics on your blog. Hope you win!

    I seem to have somehow been nominated in several categories. Even twice in one category! ??? Not sure how that happened, but I got a kick out of seeing my blog name in the list. Wanna vote for me? ;0)

  2. Oh Mylanta, the blogosphere knows you well!

  3. Congrats on your nomination! :)


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