Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Favorite Resource

I saw down tonight to work on my son's school checklists. The two oldest boys are working their way through math videos over at Khan Academy. I really love this free resource and it's one I highly recommend. Every few days or so, Mr. Khan uploads a new video and it's always front and center when you go to the site. Tonight it was the video embedded below.

I spent the seven plus minutes to check it out to see if he got it right so to speak. He did. This is a great visual explanation of what diabetes is, the difference types, and how they are treated - in very simple terms.

I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes about 10 years ago. For most of that time I've been able to wear an insulin pump. It looks like a pager and I typically wear it on a pocket of my pants. It allows me to have a small amount of insulin going in to my body all the time (a basal rate). Whenever I eat, I give myself a larger amount (a bolus rate). I love the freedom it allows me. I even love that I no longer have to give myself 4-5 daily shots. While I wish I didn't have this disease, my pump makes it much easier to manage.

Khan Academy has tons of great videos that cover lots of topics - math, science, history, current events - it's really a great resource and it's free!

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