Saturday, November 5, 2011

{Gratitude Challenge} Day #5

Today I am thankful for my middle son. He has such a giving heart and a heart to serve. I just spent the entire day with him and I have to say, it was a lot of fun. We had some other kiddos with us. They had all created some things to sell at a craft fair. I was the "supervisory adult."

I watched N10 willingly take the younger kids around the gym we were set up in so they could stretch their legs, spend their money (oh my - didn't they all love to spend the money they were earning!), and even share in what he bought! He spent $2 for a small bag of polished rocks and then handed one out to each child and even had ones all ready to give to his brothers when he got back to the house later.

This little man decided last year that his "thing" to sell at the craft fair would be paper airplanes. Yup, paper airplanes. Today he hit his all time high for sales. Let me just preface this by saying he only charges $1 to $0.75 depending on the design for each plane. He made $10.25. Think about that for a moment. I brought some photo cards to sell and made $8. My 10 year-old out sold me with paper airplanes.

Every time anyone approached our table and N10 was there, he would start talking to them, explaining what it was he made, talking about my cards, and anything else that might make a sale. Later on in the day he took two of the younger kids (almost 8 & 5) with him around the huge venue to hand out fliers for a craft sale our 4H Leaders Association is hosting next week. He talked to every vendor there and handed out the forms. I joked about the "unsocialized homeschoolers" we had (all the kids involved today are homeschooled). The truth is...N10 has never met a stranger. He's been this way since he was little. This is also why I keep a close eye on him. (And let me assure everyone, that all the kids were perfectly safe in our small town gym for the craft fair. But we still made them take an older kid with them before walking around.)

His brain moves faster than I can keep up with. We were driving home tonight and he noticed a jet crossing the sky. Here are a couple of the questions he asked me....

"Mom, how do you tell jets and rockets apart if they are so high up?" (I'm pretty sure I laughed and asked him where he came up with these questions!!! LOL)
"Where do you think the jet is going?"
Then he proceeded to talk out his though process on telling jets and rockets apart.

I'm pretty sure he's going to be an engineer like his daddy. He was intently checking out the wringer mop bucket today to see how it all worked.

N10 has the most giving heart. He will help me with anything I ask without much fuss - usually. If he has a moment of attitude, usually some time alone to "think about it" cures him fast. And if that doesn't work, more chores always does. I love watching him mature. He is going to be a very special man one day. But I'm thankful I get to watch him become that man.

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