Monday, November 14, 2011

{Gratitude Challenge} Days #11-14

My life has been on screech the last few days. In fact, this internet junkie didn't even get on the computer all day Saturday and most of the day on Sunday - simply because I was out of the house for most of those days. Phew!

Of course, it's really four minutes into Tuesday but I have this magic ability to change my blog posts day/time so let's just pretend it's still Monday until I'm done typing, m'kay? However, given the time, I think today we'll be doing bullet point and no photos....okay, maybe a photo or two..

Day #11 - I am thankful for my hubby. He works long hours away from home in order to support us as a family. I'm thankful for his job and that his company is thriving even in this economy. I pray it continues. I'm thankful he does his job each day with integrity even when he has clients who ask him to do something he isn't allowed to. I'm thankful he's "handy" and knows how to build things and fix things and create things. Being married to an engineer at times is frustrating in that our minds in no way, shape, or form think alike, but that's a good thing. I'm also thankful that life is never dull. Although, I'm now realizing how hard it is to find a photo of my hubby as this is what I typically get when the camera is pointed at him.....

Day #12 - I am thankful for the TOS Homeschool Crew. This is my third year on the Crew. I've met some fantastic people over the last three years. I've received some amazing products as well. I've been able to hone my review skills and I've just really enjoyed myself. The two people that run the crew - Heidi and Brenda - rock! They do an amazing job keeping us all in motivated, lining up vendors, and encouraging us along the way. I've truly been blessed to be part of the Crew.


Day #13 - I am thankful for my two best friends - my sister, Beth, and our mutual friend, Tammy. Obviously I've known Beth the longest. There are five years between us and yes, she is older than me.

I met Tammy about 7-8 years ago. The actual date alludes me but the moment does not. At the time I was very much into paper scrapbooking. I used to coordinate monthly 12 hour crops at the church I attended. Tammy came to one of the crops and we ended up sitting by each other. We began talking and realized we had a lot in common - the two biggest things was our love of scrapbooking and that we both homeschooled.

I enjoy spending time with both of these ladies. In fact, we will soon be heading out for our annual girl's weekend away. Two nights at a hotel - plenty of shopping. Ahhh.....I always look forward to the time away with them and the chance to recharge.

Day #14 - This one is silly but I am thankful for my sheep. I enjoy taking care of them. It's giving me motivation to get up earlier in the morning - although don't ask me how thankful I am for that in a few hours. I have yet again stayed up too late! My new little lamb is utterly adorable and so fun to watch playing. He's teething - like all babies - and is constantly nibbling on the barn. Today I went in and he began gnawing on my fingers. Thankfully sheep don't have sharp teeth or many of them! He's growing so fast! He's at least doubled his birth weight (weigh-in for him this week) and he's only three weeks old. I have to piggy back a thank you to my hubby here as well as he did not want to get these sheep and the financial hit has been pretty big but he indulged me all the same. Thanks, babe.

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  1. It's not silly to be thankful for your sheep! ;)


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