Monday, November 21, 2011

'Tis the Season

My boys and I have been involved with 4H now for almost three years. Our first year we didn't start until mid-year so last year was our first full calendar year. We are part of a very active group. Last year the kids participated in "Money Camp." It was a six week program to teach them about entrepreneurship.  The final part of the program was to take the products the kids had created and take them to some craft fairs. This year they all clamored to continue doing craft fairs. It's a great way for kids to earn some money.

My youngest son and I created "magic animal food." I had the idea to do "Magic Reindeer Food." I decided to search for a printable to add to our creation and found a great one over at DLTK Kids site. They even had one for "winter rabbits" for those who don't do Christmas.

My middle son once again sold paper airplanes. I'm always amazed that these sell so well. I think he does well in large part because he is such a great little salesman. Once thing we learned during Money Camp was how to greet potential customers. His confidence great even more this year. Every person who came near us was greeted with a "Hello" and if they responded with a "Hello, how are you?" He would politely come back with, "I'm fine and you?" And he would appear genuinely interested in their response.

My oldest son chose not to do craft fairs this year.

This was the set up for our fairs this year. There are five kids represented here. My youngest didn't have his creations ready for this fair. Since I was supervising at each fair I decided to create some photo cards to sell as well. I used some of my photos - like this one below - and just backed them with black cardstock and placed them on a half-sheet of white cardstock folded in half. 

At this point I've gone to three fairs with the boys. At the first fair, my middle son - the one selling paper airplanes - out sold me. I sold two sets of cards ($8) and he sold $10.25 worth of paper planes. At the second fair my youngest son outsold us both. He made $10, I made $4 and my middle son only made $3.00. And the last fair he again outsold us with $12, I again made $4, and my middle son only sold one plane for $1. However, he did meet a gentleman who makes and flies model airplanes and has invited him to a meeting so N10 can try it out as well.

Obviously this has not been a money maker for us. However, I love that it is creating an entrepreneurship spirit in my children. I've been super busy each weekend getting ready for these fairs with my kids, it really has been fun. Although, I am glad we are done for the craft fair season. I have chosen not to participate in any fairs next month. I'm thankful we've had fun but I'm thrilled we're done for another season.

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