Friday, June 1, 2012

Insta-Friday Newbie

life rearranged 

When my hubby first gifted me with my Droid phone last December, I kid you not that the first words out of my mouth were...."Now I can do Instagram!" Sad but true. And it took me almost six months to finally get the app downloaded and start clicking. I've been watching these Insta-Friday posts for a few months and finally decided to jump on the bandwagon today.

Yesterday I had to travel to the "big city" for a doctor appointment. Whenever I head south, I make a day of it. It's at least a two hour drive and considering how tiny our town is (population under 900), there isn't much in our area. I like to take advantage of the conveniences of the city including the fact that there is a Trader Joe's and Whole Foods within site of each other.

I typically take my two younger boys with me. At ages 8 and 11, they enjoy the day as well. It includes special treats such as eating out at a restaurant, road-snacks, special drinks (i.e. soda which they rarely get), and playing on my phone and Kindle while I'm at my appointment. This makes it a "good day" for them.

My youngest wasn't feeling great yesterday and I knew we had a busy few days coming up, so I decided to leave him home with my oldest son. That meant it was just my middle kiddo and I for the day and, boy, did  we make a day of it! We left our house at 10:30 yesterday morning and didn't arrive back until 9:30 that night!

One the way down we had some time so we stopped to check out the world's largest globe.

The last time we were here they were working on the motor so it wasn't revolving and rotating. Today it was and N11 was thrilled.

After my appointment and a bunch of errands before and after, I decided to surprise N11 with a very special treat. We headed to the local airport. Well, it's actually a "jetport." However, he didn't care. My son has gone from being a train fanatic to a plane fanatic. He can rattle off makes and models like he was saying his ABC's.

We did a quick walk-through of the terminal, but thanks to all the newest security measures, you can't really get to a good spot to see take-offs and landings. Not to be deterred, I decided we'd just head up to the top of the parking garage. It was perfect. We saw four take-offs and two landings.

He declared me the "best mom" ever - or at least for the day.

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