Friday, January 25, 2013

What We're Reading

I've really been trying to do our "together" school each day. I'm attempting to be more disciplined since this helps me stay on task with my younger son's school as well. He doesn't read fluently on his own yet, so I still do school one-on-one with him.

Our "together school" doesn't consist of a lot at the moment. We do a short devotional together, math drill, and then I read aloud.

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This month we have been working our way through Jotham's Journey. And yes, I am completely aware that this book is designed to be read during Advent. Here's my confession....for the last five years I have started Advent with great intentions of actually reading the whole book. I've never been able to do it. I always loose steam and the book is put back on the shelf unfinished. This year I was determined to finish the story...even if it took us into January - which it did. This week we finally found out what happens to Jotham! It only took us five years.

I am also currently reading The Hobbit aloud as well. I'm finding it fun to read this one. The only time I've ever read the book before was way back in sixth grade. I'm realizing I don't remember all the details so it's fun to read this aloud and share it with my boys.

We are also listening to Our Island Story by H.E. Marshall. I downloaded a copy of this from which is a great place (in my opinion) to find books in the public domain in audio format. I've used this service quite a bit for books and we've only run in to one reader we simply couldn't listen to. The reader who reads Our Island Story also did Swiss Family Robinson and is very good. We only listen while driving so we still have a few more car trips before we finish it.

One thing I really love about reading aloud to my boys is the reaction of my oldest son. My two younger boys are still young enough to enjoy it - for the most part. My middle son has never really enjoyed being read to. Once he was able to read himself, he much prefers to do that instead. However, the benefits of reading aloud are worth it for me.

However, whenever I'm reading or we're listening to a book, there will be something funny or some plot driven twist and I'll meet eyes with my oldest. I hear him chuckle while we're listening - even when he moans and groans about having to listen.

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  1. We are waiting for the Hobbit to come in from the library, and we will be reading that one everyday... Adding a new literature piece to our curriculum (yup, just as we are finishing up for the year). I figure then I'll have it down for next year right?! LOL...
    I also sent for a bunch of books on Cd to listen to in the car.

  2. We're about to start The Lord of the Rings... :)

    Loved reading The Hobbit aloud.

    Thanks for linking up!


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