Sunday, May 25, 2014


My three boys with their great-grandfather
May 2014

Two years ago our family relocated from the family farm (or the "Berry Commune" as I liked to call it - tongue in check of course!) to our own place an hour south. It's been an adjustment not only for us but also for my in-laws and my hubby's grandfather.

We moved to the Farm when our youngest son was just a mere eight months old - August 2004 to be exact. He was eight when we moved off the Farm. It was a fantastic place to raise my boys.

While we knew, as a family, it was the best thing for us at that time, it was still a hard decision. My children grew up not only having unlimited access to their grandparents but also to their great-grandparents. Many, many, many days, I saw this site after lunch.

circa September 2007
My oldest son at age 11.

From almost the day we moved on to the farm until about six months before we moved away, my oldest son walked down to get the mail with his great-grandfather. He looked forward to this time - as did his great-grandfather - and guarded it jealously. He hated it when his brothers became old enough to want to go with them and I only allowed it occasionally as I knew how much it meant to my son to have this time. 

I'm sure it's pretty quiet on the farm these days without the boys running around outside. Our trailer sits quietly while we try to figure out exactly what to do with it (leave it? move it?). Although, we do have a squatter on the property....

Today after we got out of church we headed north. We picked up some Chinese food on the way and spent an enjoyable afternoon visiting with Grandad. We heard through the family grapevine that he was thrilled to have us heading up just to spend time with him.

We chatted about life in general. He shared stories from his childhood which I did record so I can type up to save. My hubby and Grandad reminisced about family pets and when my hubby was living on the farm as a child.

All of the adults agreed that history as a child had little meaning to us. It's only as we've grown older that we've realized the importance of it. I was glad to capture a bit of our family history today and plan to capture more soon.


  1. It's not often young people realize how important it is to really LISTEN & record what the older generation has to tell us. We need the happiness & sadness, & all the many memories they have to make up our family history. Our parents, grandparents & great grandparents if you're lucky, can tell you much about the people you call family. The stories they tell can be the treasures you keep always in your soul. Thank you so much Lisa for being a recorder of the Berry part of our large & loving family!! Love to all! Sheila


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