Monday, December 22, 2014

Ten Things I Love...

...about my husband.

Last year I decided very last minute to do a 12 Days of Christmas celebration for my hubby. Yes, I realize the 12 Days really start on Christmas, but I opted to do this as a count down to Christmas. You see, my hubby is a very content man and would much rather celebrate his boys and I than himself. And, honestly, he's hard to buy for! This way, I can get him little things he needs and he's thrilled. Seriously.

So far this year I have given him....

Day 1 - The board game Ticket to Ride. It's one we've been wanting for a long time. We've been playing it a lot and he, ever the nerd, is even keeping a "Top Ten" score list.

Day 2 - Two drink coozies.

Day 3 - Three bottles of wine

Day 4 - Four of his favorite snacks: pistachios, honey roasted almonds, beef jerky, and sweet & salty Chex mix.

Day 5 - New undies

Day 6 - New t-shirts (although I either bought the children's size or they seriously shrunk in the wash so I owe him a new pack)

Day 7 - A seven minute back scratch

Day 8 - New socks

Day 9  - 6 packs of Tic-Tacs and 3 new handkerchiefs

Day 10 - The top 10 things I love about him - this very blog post! (Apparently last year I did this for Day 12.)

Ten Reasons I Love My Hubby
  • He loves me unconditionally. How do I know? He shared this link on his Facebook page and really does mean what it says. He shows me every single day.
  • His sense of humor. The photo above of him sticking out his tongue? That happens a lot. Of course, he just doesn't like his photo taken, but he does make me laugh often.
Many moons ago - hiking with his sister.
  • His work ethic. He works very hard to support our family and I'm very grateful.
  • His love for the Lord. Yes, this probably should be the first reason. 
  • He's a great father. He loves our boys immensely and isn't afraid to show them. 
  • His generosity. Just the other day we went out to eat as a family and he paid for the meal of a woman eating alone at the restaurant as well as bought drinks for a man there alone. These aren't things he would normally share and he doesn't for one reason - he doesn't want the recognition. He just thinks it's a good thing to do if you can.
  • He has the voice of reason in our marriage. I'm a pretty impulsive person. I don't always think things through thoroughly. He is always there to not only support me but to make sure I look at all the issues. I may not always like this but I do appreciate it.

At his brother's wedding last fall.
  • His love of family. 
  • The best example of what a good and godly man is for our boys. In fact, I just told my boys the other day that if they treated their wives as good as their father treats me, they will make her very happy. 
  • His ability to make me smile even when I don't want to.
Merry Christmas, honey! 

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