Friday, February 13, 2015



Anyone living in New England will tell you that we have had a lot of snow this winter. And saying "a lot" is really an understatement! 

One bright sunny day this winter I packed up all my boys and headed north - towards more snow because that's how foolish I am. Actually, we headed back to the family farm. We still own our mobile home that we lived in located on the family property. We had already received a few feet of snow and another two feet was predicted for that weekend. The roof on the trailer needed to be shoveled off before that could happen. 

My hubby was unable to do it so I volunteered to take the kids and go attack it. I figured my oldest and I could get it done in a few hours. 

While we were working, the younger boys went sledding outside and played with their younger cousins who were also up for the weekend to visit.

I have to say I was very grateful to my father-in-law who pitched in to help and offered us the use of a snow pusher that worked great to get the snow off.

I'm standing on the porch roof looking down the length of the trailer. There was probably four feet of snow on here. 

I was thankful for a sunny day and the wind wasn't too bad either. We began to shed a few layers while we worked. I only lost my shovel off the edge of the roof once and I did proceed to snap it in two before I was done. 

It took us about two hours to get it all cleared off. And then the blizzard that was predicted for the weekend fizzled. The roof needed to be shoveled anyway, but not as urgently as we had thought in hindsight. 

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