Friday, June 10, 2016

Nubble Light in Cape Neddick

Nubble Lighthouse/Cape Neddick Light Station is located in York, Maine - right before you get to New Hampshire. I've now been there three times. The first time I ever saw this lighthouse was last April when my sister and I were heading to Massachusetts for a homeschool conference. The second and third times were, once again, in April while I was in the Kittery/York area for a family weekend. 

I have a fascination with lighthouses and really enjoy visiting them. When my boys were much younger, my sister and I took all of them (my three and her one) and visited quite a few in order to photograph them. We had a lot of fun with that project. 

Nubble Light is located on an island so you can't actually get much closer than I was in these photos. It's a beautiful spot though. Since I only seem to visit in April, there aren't a lot of people there either so parking is easy and exploring the rocks is fun. 

There is just something about the waves crashing on the rocks that I absolutely love. I think the love of the sea is in my blood. My mom and her family used to spend summers on Cape Cod. I have ancestors that lived near the sea as well. 

I had a doctor appointment south of Portland (1-1/2 hours south) on the Friday before our shopping day. My mom-in-law offered to go down early with me so we headed down after my appointment. My sister-in-law met us and we headed out to see the lighthouse. Yes, you can probably tell by our body posture that it was cold and no, I didn't bring anything heavier than that sweater. Needless to say, the first thing I bought the next day was a warmer sweatshirt. 

Twice a year we descend on the Kittery area for a shopping day. Everyone lives outside of Maine except my mom-in-law and myself. Kittery is a centrally located area for all of us and it has outlets. 

On Saturday a few more relatives joined us. Around the table from left to right is my mom-in-law, myself, Aunt Betty, Aunt Irene, and then my two sister-in-laws. It was a smaller group than normal this time. Oftentimes there are a few cousins tossed in for good measure. 

The second evening, after we had eaten dinner, we headed once more to the lighthouse to take those who hadn't been on Friday. It was still cold, don't let that sun fool you! However, there is just something about the sea, the waves, the lighthouse, the open sky that is so very relaxing. 

I'm looking forward to the next Kittery weekend. 

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