Thursday, July 7, 2016

Massachusetts Adventures Part II

Saturday morning Nicki & I were once more up and going early. This time we were driving about an hour west of where we were staying. Our goal was the MassHOPE used curriculum sale. This was my rolling cart before we went in...

And after plus a large Thirty-One utility tote... 

Some of the things I picked up:
  • Standard Deviants DVD on Shakespeare
  • The Complete Guide to Shakespeare's Best Plays
  • Saxon Algebra 2 (Teacher guide - didn't realize this at the time - meant to grab the student book)
  • Saxon Algebra 1
  • Saxon Algebra 1/2
  • Saxon 5/4
  • Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry 2nd edition
  • Grammar of Poetry (I've been eyeing this for years and found it for a really good price.)
  • Notgrass Exploring Economics
  • Various readers and miscellaneous other books

This sale is worth going to if you ever get the chance. They typically hold it the third week of June. Details are on their website.

Nicki & I spent about three hours at the book sale. It's not a huge building. They hold it in a church. The sanctuary holds most of the curriculum for sale. The foyer and another large room house free books. Yes, free! That's where I found Saxon Algebra 1/2. Last year I picked up a copy of Anna Botsford Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study.

After the book sale we headed to IKEA. Our strategy was to purchase books so we'd know a) how much money we would have to spend at IKEA and b) how many bookcases we would need to buy there. I have no photos from IKEA. I was too busy shopping. I ended up purchasing a new bedside table, a bookcase, and a small desk for my room. My bedside table was about six inches too short for my bed, I was storing books in my room IN my bedside table, and I wanted a desk large enough to fit a laptop and Bible study materials, but small enough that it wouldn't take up a lot of space (because I don't have a lot of space). I think I found some nice things that fit just what I was looking to do in that space.

We spent about four hours at IKEA. The longest amount of time ever I think. I also picked up a Kallax style storage unit for my oldest son's dorm room plus two storage cubes to fit inside and some miscellaneous other items such as a wastebasket, magazine holders, bath towels, and a fleece throw. 

The storage cubes are black plastic. The wastebasket and magazine holders (which will fit in this as well) are metal mesh and the towels and throws are bright green. It's hard to believe my oldest is finally heading off to college but that's going to be another post for later this summer. 

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