Thursday, August 18, 2016

Visiting the Titanic

There is a great new place in Portland (well, it's been there about a year I think) called the Portland Science Center. They have exhibits that come in and stay for a few months so something new is always there. The first one they ever did (that I heard about) was Body Worlds. The first one we went to, back in April, was one about space and robots. At that exhibit, we were told the next one would be about the Titanic. I was pretty excited about checking it out when it came in.

When we arrived, we were all given a boarding pass. The pass contained information about a real person on the Titanic. At the end of the exhibit, they had lists of all the passengers who survived and those who didn't. It was a great way to make this whole exhibit a bit more real to those of us going through it. 

Throughout the exhibit, we could see the differences between the classes. This was also true at the end when we saw who survived and who didn't. Here are the differences in the menus for each class. 

And even in accommodations...
First class

Third class

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