Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Brag Entry

Okay, I'm going to just brag about my 5 year old, N. (He is standing right next to me asking me to "spell him." :-) He wants me to write his name but I'm only using initials so he'll have to wait until later. LOL) He really wanted to learn how to ride a bike. We had two smaller two-wheelers laying around here that my Dad had given us. He got them at the dump - his favorite place to find stuff like this. My FIL fixed the tires on them a couple of weeks ago & N has been sitting on a small one & pushing himself around the yard. He was slowly learning how to balance himself.

Well, while I was gone on Saturday he apparently started to actually ride it! He was pushing himself down a small hill in front of my FIL's garage & just holding his feet out. He was doing this over & over again. My FIL noticed & told him to put his feet on the pedals & pedal! So, N did & he rode from the garage all the way over to our trailer, around our truck, parked the bike & went inside. LOL I didn't know any of this had happened of course since I wasn't here.

Sunday afternoon while my in-laws & I were standing around watching my hubby work on the addition, my FIL mentioned that N could actually ride the bike now. I asked him to show me. Sure enough - off he went! I ran inside to get my camera & I was out of film!!!! Thankfully my dh had his digital camera here (it's his work camera) so I was able to actually get photos!

I also snapped a photo of where we live to better explain. This is for my family who sometimes worry when I tell them my 2 year old just walked over to Grammie's house completely alone. :-)

You can see our trailer in the left of the photo. The farmhouse beyond it is where my dh's grandfather lives. Then the log house just through the trees on the right of the photo is where my in-laws live. All the lumber for their house was cut off their property & then the wood was made in to boards in our own sawmill. The photo below shows the sawmill & the barn.

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  1. Congratulations to your son! That's a big accomplishment!!
    Jodi from SHS


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