Friday, November 3, 2006

Update on our Changes

Okay, so I posted that we were going to implement changes & we have - to some degree. Do I see huge amazing changes in my kids? No, not yet, but I do see some positive changes. We still need to work on it & will probably always be working on it. Some positives from our week though...

  • My oldest son ate pizza tonight for dinner. I think I've mentioned briefly how I have always made one meal for my dh & I & one for the two older boys? The youngest will either eat what my hubby & I eat or what the older ones eat. He is SO not picky at all! My dh has been after me for a LONG time to stop this practice & we finally implemented it this week. Twice now they have had to eat what we eat. Tonight - for the first time - B tried & kind of liked pizza. I made it with a very thin crust, very little sauce, & lots of cheese! I WISH I had videotaped him eating it! I seriously think we could have won $10,000 on America's Funniest Home Videos! However, after eating half of it he declared it "tasted weird" & wouldn't finish it. N wouldn't even try it. J LOVES it & ate almost two slices. Previously I was worried about N hurling in the AM - which he has done in the past when he hasn't eaten dinner. He didn't to it earlier in the week so I'm hoping he doesn't do it in the AM either! To me this is a huge change as I'm finally sticking to "the rules" as we have presented them to the boys. I think if N starts to see I mean business, he may start trying more new foods. My next step is to start doing something similar to De'Etta's tickets or beads or something like that for them. (thanks for that idea De'Etta!!!).
  • I'm getting TONS less whining & vocals from B, my oldest, when I ask him/tell him to do something for me. He hasn't stopped it totally but it has definitely lessened in amount.
  • I've learned I need to start catching them "doing good" rather than always getting them in the bad moments - again the tickets will come in handy here. I'm thinking that each 10 will equal 10 minutes of computer or video time. They can save up for longer time periods. I'm also going to buy some goodies I think to have on hand - especially for J since he doesn't use the computer yet.
  • I'm realizing that I need a good night's sleep to be able to get through the day without loosing it. Of course, I'm still up now at almost 11pm writing on my blog, but tomorrow IS Saturday so no school! :-)
Thanks to everyone for their comments & encouragements. It has helped me a great deal!!!!

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  1. Consistent small changes eventually add up to a transformed home. . . keep it up. You're doing great.

    Glad the ticket/bead/sticker idea is a help.


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