Sunday, January 14, 2007

My Baby is Now 3 Years Old

Three years ago today I went in to the hospital to be induced in to labor with my third child & third son. Needless to say I wasn't expecting my labor to be 22 hours long - but it was. I also wasn't expecting my baby to end up in the NICU - but he did. I wasn't expecting to have a third boy - but I did. It's funny how no matter how well you plan for anything, God usually gets in that last laugh. Thankfully all ended well. Yes, my labor was long, but in retrospect I think it was due in fact to my OB not being very aggressive with my induction. Yes, my son spent a week in NICU, but he was full-term, big, & basically healthy (severe jaundice). He wasn't premature & struggling. Yes, I have three boys, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. My youngest son brings such a joy in to all of our lives. He has such a joy for life that just transcends us all. So, yes, while I wouldn't want to do a lot of it again (especially that 22 hours of labor!!!), I am so thankful for my youngest son.

Here are some photos from the party we did a day early since Daddy does not have off on Monday. The faces are just priceless!

My MIL is a cake-whiz - or at least I think so!
I was suppose to get a train cake pan from my sister on Wednesday,
but I forgot. I suggested this instead & my MIL made it happen.
It was perfect for the 3 year old who LOVES VeggieTales!

I just love this new smile I keep getting whenever J sees the camera.
Can't you hear him saying his big "Cheese!" for me??

The Thomas sheets were a huge hit with J. Over the last
few months he has decided to start sharing a bed with N - a twin bed,
so the sheets are working double duty right now.

I love all the surprised faces he kept giving me. Most were for
the Thomas trains he kept getting.

All my boys.

"Cheese!" and frosting. Do I see a little
"Larry Boy" on his teeth?


  1. He's adorable. It looks like he had a great day!

  2. What fantastic pictures! I love the "cheese" smile (with closed eyes). How precious! The Veggie Tales cakes came out great.

  3. Lisa ~ Hard to believe our babies are turning three! They grow up so fast!

    Happy Birthday J! Your cake looks good.

  4. Great cake, darling pics of the boys!

  5. Happy 3rd birthday Jack! Bob and Larry looked really yummy.


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