Saturday, January 13, 2007

Project 365 Day 13

Another post-Christmas gift day - will it never end? LOL It seems my boys have gotten tons of presents over the last three weeks. My husband's uncle had sent a check for us to buy them gifts so we did that today. B picked out a portable CD player & a new Bioncle Lego creature. My MIL was shopping with us & had the other two boys with her so I went & picked out something for the two little boys - to save on time. :-) Since they both love trains, that is what they were given. I picked out a blue track expansion set for Nathan for Thomas trains. We have a few pieces of blue track since each of the engines does come with 2-3 pieces in each box, but check out the track they all made that night! Then J was given two of the engines that go on the track - Thomas & James. His two favorites. I'll need to get N some more in order to even things out a bit & cut down on the bickering on who gets what engine. :-)

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  1. Lisa, glad to see you posting again and that you're able to take pics!


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