Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Project 365 Day 3

Participating in this project has been a bit more difficult than I anticipated. I took my camera out of my purse Monday for the photo & discovered the viewing screen was cracked!!! :-( My camera does not have a viewer on it other than the screen so, needless to say, taking a photo that you can't really see has been a bit difficult. I decided for the photo for today, January 3rd (ugh! it's not day 2 it's day 3!!!! I've already managed to not meet this challenge....sigh), I would take a self-portrait. I can't see the photo I took at all.

Okay, I just saw it. I can NOT believe I'm going to post this on a public blog, but here you are....

It's definitely not a photo I particularly like, but it does seem to answer Day 3's question
( ) How do I feel? OLD! Not really. LOL I'm only 35. Although, I think how often when I was younger that I truly felt 35 WAS old. No longer. I realized I'm closer to 40 than 20. Then I realize that I don't really WANT to be 20 again. I really like my life now. I'm a stay-at-home Mom to my boys. I get to homeschool them. I don't have to work. My dh works hard so I can stay home & raise our kids. He's pretty amazing too. However, I WOULD like the body I had at 20 - before I had three babies - before I gained 60+ pounds. That is certainly showing in my face in this photo. Good motivation. That & my dh just told me tonight he'd buy me a Kitchen Aide mixer if I made my goal!!! Yippee!


  1. Lisa, I honestly feel like you do too.....I would rather be my age than 20 at the park I was watching the new 20 year old moms and realized I've been doing the toddler/park scene for a long time....I started to remember what it was like to be so in shape, young and then it hit me IMMATURE, INSECURE....I'm really content with my age. LOL Not so content with my body...but that will come and it could certainly be much worse. LOL

  2. Oh Lisa! I am sorry to hear about your camera! I hope that it can be easily fixed. One definitely gets spoiled being able to see the picture before taking it. Does your camera have a viewfinder for those pictures that aren't self-portraits??

    By the way, I'm sure that you look better in person than you do in a picture. Cameras *always* add extra pounds. I know mine does!!

    And no, I wouldn't want to be 20 again either!

  3. I will be 41 on Tuesday and you couldn't pay me to go back to my 20's. I did love my 30's but I am learning to embrace my 40's with ease :-)

  4. How sad about your camera! That's your new one, right? Any chance you can get it repaired? I hope this doesn't send you back to film! You made the plunge to digital, and now the thing is broken. I'm really sorry.

    I'll be 37 this month, and I would NEVER want to go back to my 20s! Part of that may be because I'm too tired these days to think about doing all the things I did back then. LOL

    Nice entry, Lisa. I'm enjoying your 365 project.

  5. I just turned 41 last month... the time sure does fly by... seems like only yesterday I was 20 and/or 35 (LOL).


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