Thursday, January 4, 2007

Project 365 Day 4

Day Four of Project 365 asks "What is the most important thing in your life?" My answer...God. Since I can't very well take a photo of my Heavenly Father, I took one of the next best thing - my Bibles. These are the three I use the most often. The one in the green cover is an NIV Study Bible. It was the first one I bought for myself when I was an adult. It was a birthday present to myself.

The Women's Devotional Bible was one I received after signing up with Crossings Book Club a few years ago. I use that on occasion. Right now I use it during school. Since this is also a NIV translation, my son & I take turns reading a chapter each day.

Finally, my newest one is the 90 Day Bible. It's split into readings (12 pages) of daily reading that allows you to read the Bible completely through in 90 days. That is one of my goals. I always seem to get hung up in the Old Testament so I just skipped past what I've read in the past to Judges. Amazingly, I've never read it through. I'm finding it interesting & hoping that this will catapult me through my goal of finishing the Bible - then to start again.

My goal is to know my Father more & more - as the song goes - to learn to love Him with all my heart, all my mind & all my strength. I want to be able to teach my sons how to be godly men. I want them to have a heart for God.

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