Friday, January 5, 2007

Project 365 Day 5

These photos were taken on January 5th - my Mom's birthday. The first photo is actually a photo of my parents. They are opening a belated Christmas gifts from all her children. We were suppose to have a family Christmas but the Maine weather wouldn't cooperate. We gave them a gift card to Home Depot to do some work on their kitchen. They are going to add a small room off one door (the shed area) in order to put the fridge, freezer washer, & dryer out there. This will allow more room in their small kitchen. My brother just up from me in birth order is spearheading the project & the rest of us are free labor when we can get there to help. I'm one of five children so there are plenty of helpers. Only my oldest brother lives outside of Maine.

The second photo is my middle son helping his "Ninny" (yes, that is what they call her) blow our her birthday candles. So WHY are there two cakes? Well, my older sister & I had talked the night before. I had told her I was making a cake. She didn't remember this part so she brought a cake. Thus, my parents had PLENTY of cake! :-)

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