Saturday, January 6, 2007

Project 365 Day 6

It's always nice when Christmas comes a bit late - especially when you are a child. The man J is hugging is their honorary uncle. He's a college classmate & we've stayed friends ever since. He isn't married & has no children so he has sort of adopted our boys & another college friends girls. He comes up every Christmas & on their birthdays bearing gifts. He always gets them the "cool" gifts too. This time B got an electricity kit. We tried one experiment today that didn't work. Maybe Daddy will have better luck with that one! N - of course - got trains (a book & the one he is holding). J got a Duplo Lego Caterpillar grader/tractor. His mom also sent books for all the boys. They had a great time visiting with "Uncle" Tom & playing with all their new toys.

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